Destiny 2’s Latest Exotic Weapon Is Causing Whole Servers To Crash

Destiny 2’s latest Exotic, the Revision Zero Pulse Rifle, is pretty good. But that’s only if you can complete Operation: Seraph's Shield and customize it via the crafting station on Mars. But even if you construct your personalized and perfected Revision Zero, it’s coming to you at a cost.

Destiny 2 community manager Dylan "dmg04" Gafner confirmed Revision Zero is causing some serious server issues for Bungie. "Since the release of Revision Zero, the team has been monitoring a rise in error codes," he said. "A bug deep in the way that the new exotic was set up is causing some pretty gnarly game/API issues, resulting in full server crashes (which boots hundreds of people at a given time). This could also result in the final moments before an error not being recorded leading to reports of a triumph not being honored or a drop being lost."

Since error code reports started spiking with the release of Revision Zero, Bungie has been zeroing in on the problem but hasn’t quite nailed down how exactly the new Pulse Rifle is causing entire servers to crash. This left Bungie with three options: disable Revision Zero, disable the API, or do nothing.

Gafner said that Bungie ultimately settled on option two. Disabling Revision Zero wasn’t a sure way to get rid of the error codes, and doing nothing would result in a daily influx of player complaints that was getting to be too much for Bungie to handle. Only disabling the API could Bungie stop the errors and server crashes but at the price of not being able to use vital Destiny 2 apps like Destiny Item Manager.

"While we understand the inconvenience, this not only lets players continue to engage with the new mission and exotic, but also prevents the continued onslaught of errors and missing item reports," wrote Gafner.

The Bungie Help Twitter account stated that a fix is being targeted for "early next week," so players will have to survive without DIM until 2023.

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