Destiny 2’s New Strand Subclass Detailed With Rope Whips And Spider-Man Thwips

Strand is coming in Lightfall, the new expansion for Destiny 2 that arrives at the end of February, and Bungie is revealing most of its secrets courtesy of a new blog post and trailer.

We already know that the new subclass will feature a grappling hook-like ability for all classes and that it wouldn't quite enable Spider-Man-style web-slinging (even though it sure sounds similar). What we didn't know is how it would work as a grenade ability. Turns out, Strand's grappling hook abilities will be something Guardians can do in addition to throwing three new grenade types, including bola-like Shackle Grenades, minion-summoning Threadling Grenades, and a third grenade type that might turn your grapple shot into a weighted bomb that drags the Guardian along for the ride.

Elsewhere in Bungie's blog detailing the new Darkness-based subclass, we learn that Strand will offer three new debuffs: Suspend will temporarily lift enemies into the air, Unravel will cause them to explode, and Sever will reduce their damage output. Guardians, meanwhile, will enjoy a new Woven Mail buff that can greatly reduce their incoming damage (and perhaps make up for the resiliency changes that are coming in Lightfall).

We didn't get the full breakdown of everything for each subclass, but we do know a lot. The Warclock Threadweaver, for example, will focus on summoning "Threadlings" That jump on enemies and explode. The Threadweaver's melee ability, Arcane Needle, is a ranged attack that tracks targets and has three charges, while its super ability seems to throw a ton of Arcane Needles at once.

The Titan Berserker honestly seems like a supercharged version of the Stasis Behemoth, summoning twin gauntlets that can slash and bash opponents. Its Frenzied Blade melee ability dashes forward and causes sever on targets and also comes with three charges, while its Bladefury super adds a heavy attack that hurls a pair of seeking projectiles.

Finally, the Hunter Threadrunner adds a rope dart that seems to be heavily inspired by Chinese martial arts. That rope dart can bounce between multiple enemies, sever them, and then return to the Hunter to provide melee energy for each enemy struck. The Threadrunner can get even more melee energy if they catch the dart by timing another press of the melee button just as the dart returns.

Check out the trailer above for more details on how these new abilities work. Destiny 2: Lightfall arrives February 28.

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