Destruction AllStars: A Guide To Success In Mayhem

Destruction AllStars released this month on PlayStation Plus for free to all PS5 subscribers. The game offers a new take on the demolition derby genre. While there are elements that veterans of the medium will know and love, there are plenty of fresh and innovative aspects. One of these aspects is the ability to exit vehicles and combat drivers on foot.

One mode that completely embraces the chaos this genre provides is Mayhem, where each player battles for the crown. To take the top spot takes an understanding of the maps, mechanics, and secrets lying within each arena. Check out this guide to get the tools you need to dominate in this mode. With some tips and a little practice, players can dominate in Mayhem mode.

There are Double Point Buffs In The Center Of Arenas

Racking up points can be difficult; even when players score a wreck, they’re only getting five points. Those confident in their parkour skills can head to the center of the arena on foot. Multiple times each match, a small blue canister can be found here. Grabbing it will grant the player a double point multiplier for a limited amount of time. Use this buff to score points far faster than the competition. The timer can be found on the top of the screen, so keep track of how long you’ll have this booster in effect.

Try To Stick With The Pack

In most games, players in Mayhem will gravitate towards each other. There are often packs of players on top of each other. This is the best place for those looking to wrack up points. Even tapping an enemy car will grant players a point. Those who need a refresher on point values for car attacks can check below:

  • Light Hit: 1 Point
  • Hit Character: 1 Point
  • Medium Hit: 2 Points
  • Heavy Hit: 3 Points
  • Extreme Hit: 4 Points
  • Character KO: 5 Points
  • Wreck: 5 Points
  • Annihilation: 8 Points

Wrecking opponents is a great way to grab points, but not the only way to do so. Make sure to explore all your options in a game of Mayhem, even if that means scoring several smaller hits instead of a single Wreck.

Avoid Crashing Into Walls

With all the havoc that transpires in the average Mayhem game, it can be easy to get overexcited. Don’t let the adrenaline lead to silly mistakes. Make calculated charges at opponents and be aware of your surroundings. Be careful not to run into obstacles and landscapes. Cars will take heavy damage when they slam, and players will be left vulnerable as they attempt to regain control of the damaged vehicles. This tip may seem self-explanatory, but one mistake is all it takes to total a car.

Always Keep An Eye On Vehicle Health

Targeting other characters is important in Mayhem, but making sure your vehicle isn’t on death’s door is just as important. Don’t pick fights with vehicles that have full health if your car is barely functioning. When a car is failing, eject and grab a new one. There’s no penalty for snagging a new ride, and it prevents an annihilation-or a wreck so substantial it KOs the rider simultaneously.

Eject When In Danger

A great way to prevent a KO is by ejecting from cars. Quick Ejects will let players hop out of their car without jettisoning into the air. Those looking to get a little breathing room can do the regular Eject for some air and a chance to get to a parkour spot out of the reach of enemy riders. Change these up and see which works best for your style.

Style Evade Vehicles For Easy Points

When on foot, Heroes are vulnerable, but they aren’t helpless. One way for Heroes to gain points on foot is with the Style Evade move. To execute this move, look for a yellow marker above the character. Once this symbol appears, you’ll know there’s an enemy vehicle is approaching—Press circle when this symbol turns red, and Heroes will use Style Evade, earning players 2 points while saving them from being hit. Mastering this technique is integral to traversal.

Grab Gems Via Parkour

Using vehicles is important, but playing an entire match in a car is a surefire way to lose. Skilled players know when to use cars and when to switch to traversal. Certain items can only be obtained on foot, like the double point booster. Another item that is traversal exclusive is Gems. Grabbing Gems is the best way to boost Breaker and Hero Vehicle bars. Hop out and snag a few of these items if you need a Breaker to help turn the match’s tide.

Use Breaker Abilities

Breakers are the most influential moves in the game. Each character has their own Breaker with a unique effect. Lupita’s Breaker leaves a Fire Trail behind her that KOs players and damages characters. These can impact Heroes and Vehicles. Try not to hoard these, especially if you’re not at the top of the scoreboard. Use them to disrupt the enemy drivers while wracking up some easy points.

Call Hero Vehicles As Much As Possible

Hero Vehicles are even more powerful than Breakers. Each character gets its own vehicle with a breaker of its own. Some are offensive, like Hana’s Sabre, while others are defensive, like Muna’s Gravitron. It’s up to players to decide which of these vehicles are most effective in their playstyle. Play around with each Hero to see which works best for you.

Rack Up Points The Entire Game

It can be easy to start strong in Mayhem but pepper off towards the end of a match. Try to avoid this dilemma by sticking with enemy players, only splitting off when you need a break to recover. Players shouldn’t let their opponents sneak off and leave them in an area alone. These situations can kill a great match, so be vigilant and follow-through from start to finish.

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