Detroit: Become Human Is Becoming A Manga

Detroit: Become Human is making the jump from video games to manga. Just like the game, it’ll be a story about androids, but unlike the game, it’ll be set in Tokyo, Japan.

The manga will be called Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories, which leads to the obvious question of why it wasn’t just called "Tokyo: Become Human." As noted by Kotaku, that title was already used for the nine-minute game trailer released in 2018.

While the game focuses on three protagonists in a future America where sentient androids are forced into slavery, Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories will follow a single protagonist called Reina, an android pop idol. Unlike in the US, androids aren’t limited to menial tasks in human society, but conflict arises when Japanese androids are seen replacing more and more people in the workforce. This conflict eventually leads to an android "revolution," according to Famitsu.

The manga will be written by Saruwatari Kazami with art provided by Moto Sumida. Quantic Dream will supervise the story.

"Detroit: Become Human is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played," wrote Sumida in a tweet. "I’m glad to be involved [in] this. This comic would be a story about how androids are in Japan while the story goes on in Detroit. I hope you enjoy this."

Detroit: Become Human was a critical and commercial success, becoming Quantic Dream's best-selling game. According to Gematsu, the game sold pretty well in Japan too, with akmost 75,000 units moved shortly after the game's release. A manga based on the story isn't too surprising, given how popular a theme it can be in anime.

Quantic Dream is currently working on a new Star Wars game, although it's run into some difficulty with staffing thanks to a stubborn reputation for a hostile and toxic work environment. Reports accusing Quantic Dream of its toxic work culture surfaced in 2018, followed by several lawsuits by former workers and counter suits by Quantic Dreams against the French publications reporting on them. Game director David Cage also made homophobic and sexist remarks leading to a boycott of their upcoming Star Wars game.

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