Devolver Digital Showcases New Skate Story Gameplay

Devolver Digital treated its fan to a holiday showcase earlier today, showcasing some of the best-looking titles it's releasing in the near future. While we were left wanting for release dates, we did get an extended look at Skate Story as a consolation, in the form of a trippy new trailer that gave us a new slice of gameplay to obsess over until release.

You can check out the trailer, which was featured in the Devolver Public Access Holiday Special, down below at the 16-minute mark. Those of you who saw the announcement of Skate Story back in June earlier this year will know what to expect, as the trailer shows a man made out of glass skateboarding across several locations, performing tricks and avoiding obstacles.

For those of you who may not have heard of Skate Story, the game is being developed by Sam Eng and has you playing as a demon of the Underworld that is "made out of glass and pain." You are tasked by the Devil to go swallow the moon, and you're given a skateboard to glide and weave your way to your goal. This new trailer didn't come with a release date, but the game is still expected to launch at some point in 2023 for PC.

Skate Story wasn't the only game shown off during Devolver's showcase though, as we got several reminders for some of its bigger upcoming titles. Toward the beginning of the show, we got a very brief look at The Plucky Squire, a storybook action-adventure game that lets the main character leap out off the page. The stream also featured Terra Nil, a reverse city builder where you get to create your own ecosystem, and Anger Foot, a fast-paced, colorful shooter in which giving your enemy the literal boot is the focus.

We didn't get a specific release date for any of these games either, but they're all pretty likely to launch at various points across 2023. Until then, you'll find me watching the Skate Story trailer on a loop.

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