Diablo update 1.1.0 patch notes: New features, balance changes and bug fixes

Blizzard has released the first major Diablo 4 gameplay update, and just in time for the start of Season 1. With the very first Diablo 4 season launching on July 20, Blizzard has released a fresh update to prepare for the new content. Unfortunately, the game has been taken offline as part of the new update. According to Blizzard, Diablo 4 will be offline for server maintenance from 6pm BST UK time until 9pm BST. As you can see from the patch notes below, the new update makes a wide variety of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, as well as various balance changes for each character class. Fans can also expect lots of new content when Season 1 drops, including a new questline, new boss battles and new gear. Needless to say, fans can get the most out of the new season by purchasing the optional Premium Battle Pass, which includes lots of exclusive bonus items and rewards. In the meantime, check out the update 1.1.0 patch notes below…

Diablo 4 update 1.1.0 patch notes in full….

6 Unique Items


Ahavarion Spear of Lycander (Uber Unique Staff – World Tier 4): Gain a random Shrine effect for 10-20 seconds after killing an Elite enemy. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.


Azurewrath (Unique Sword): Lucky Hit – Your Core Skills have up to a 20% chance to Freeze enemies for 3 seconds and deal 0.75-1.5 Cold damage to them.


Fleshrender (Unique One-Hand Mace): Debilitating Roar and Blood Howl deal 0.5-1.0 damage to Nearby Poisoned enemies.


Lidless Wall (Unique Shield): Lucky Hit – While you have an active Bone Storm, hitting an enemy outside of a Bone Storm has up to a 5-25% chance to spawn an additional Bone Storm at their location. Each of your active Sacrifice bonuses increases the chance by 25% and the total number of additional Bone Storms you can have by +1.


Eaglehorn (Unique Bow): Penetrating Shot has a 30-80% chance to fire an arrow that bounces off walls and scenery. Hitting enemies from behind with Penetrating Shot will make them Vulnerable for 3 seconds.


The Oculus (Unique Wand): Gain the effect of the Teleport Enchantment for free. When you Evade using Teleport Enchantment, you are taken to a random location.

7 New Legendary Aspects


Audacity (Utility Aspect): When there are at least 5 Close enemies, Stun them for 2-4 seconds. This can only occur once every 20 seconds.

Craven (Mobility Aspect): You gain 20-40% increased Movement Speed when moving away from Slowed or Chilled enemies.


Ancestral Charge (Offensive Aspect): Charge calls forth 4 Ancients who also Charge, dealing 50-100% of normal damage.


Subterranean (Offensive Aspect): Poison Creeper’s active also casts Landslide in a circle around you. Earth Skills deal 10-20% increased damage to Poisoned enemies.


Gore Quills (Offensive Aspect): Blood Lance will consume Blood Orbs to also conjure lances from them. Each additional Blood Lance deals 20-50% of normal damage and prioritizes targeting un-lanced enemies.


Pestilent Points (Offensive Aspect): Every third cast of Puncture is Poison Imbued with 100-150% of normal potency.


Searing Wards (Offensive Aspect): After spending 200-100 Mana your next Firewall is free to cast and will destroy incoming Small Missiles.

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Bug Fixes


Made various improvements from an accessibility perspective—primarily, many fixes to the Screen Reader where it failed to read specific elements.


Fixed multiple issues where specific Challenges wouldn’t provide the proper proper rewards or could not be completed.

Fixed multiple issues where certain Challenges could be progressed through unintended means.

Fixed multiple issues where players could gain progress for certain Challenges through the actions of other nearby players.

Fixed multiple instances where activities that should count towards the criteria for some Challenges were not counted.

Fixed an issue where players would not receive notifications for when one of their friends completed a Challenge.

Fixed an issue where Feats of Strength were not accounted for when calculating Challenge completion percentage.

The Feat of Strength, Final Slayer of the First Mother, now requires you to slay the Level 100 Pinnacle boss solo. The Silence is Hellish challenge remains unchanged.

Fixed an issue where The Feats of Strength, One of the First and Earliest Experience, did not display all the titles they rewarded.

Cooperative Play

Fixed an issue where the camera wasn’t functioning properly when players were far apart in Local Co-Op.

Fixed an issue where NPC conversation boxes would overlap if multiple Local Co-Op players talked to the same NPC at the same time.

Fixed an issue where the Rogue’s Inner Sight would only fill up for one of the players in a Co-Op session.

Fixed an issue where the Dark Potential challenge would be granted to both players when either player completed it, regardless of the other player’s progress.

Fixed multiple instances where quest progress would not properly synchronize, or quest progression could be blocked for Local Co-Op players.

Fixed multiple issues that occurred during cutscenes for Co-Op players.


Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to receive enough animus to progress through the Hallowed Ossuary dungeon.

Fixed an issue where the Stone carving in the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon would duplicate.

Fixed an issue where the Monster Regen affix in a Nightmare Dungeon would also affect structures in that dungeon.

Fixed an issue where the Goatman and Shambling Corpse enemies would continuously respawn in the Forsaken Quarry dungeon.

Fixed an issue where the Sentinel enemies would not have weapons in the Bastion of Faith dungeon.

Fixed an issue where the Bastion of Faith dungeon could sometimes not be completed.

Fixed an issue where the player could respawn behind a barrier in the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon.

Fixed an issue where the map for the Crusader’s Cathedral dungeon was incomplete.

Fixed an issue where the Curse of Indolence and the Curse of the Weak would stack even while the player was dead in the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon.

Fixed multiple instances where the Fog Door could not be progressed through in some dungeons.

Fixed an issue where the Monster Thorns affix in Nightmare Dungeons was reflecting Physical damage, it will now properly reflect non-physical damage.

Fixed an issue where Blood Boils would not properly spawn in the Kor Dragan Barracks dungeon.

Fixed an issue where Traps would deal more damage than intended.

Fixed an issue where level scaling in the Level 100 Pinnacle dungeon was inconsistent.

Fixed an issue where the Awakened Glyphstone wouldn’t spawn if the party leader left the dungeon before the dungeon was completed.


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Bug fixes Gameplay


Fixed an issue where the number of enemies to defeat for the Barbarian Class quest Masters of Battle was not displayed.

Fixed an issue where Iron Maelstrom could be cast more than 3 times rapidly casting War Cry.

Fixed an issue where stacking the Berserk Ripping, Skullbreaker, and Anemia aspects would allow the player to deal extreme amounts of damage.

Fixed an issue where the outer edge of the quakes granted to Hammer of the Ancients via The Aspect of Ancestral Echoes was dealing far more damage than intended.


Fixed an issue where Earth skills and the Pulverize skill would consume two Overpower buffs simultaneously.

Fixed an issue where the bonus effect on Blood Howl from Nighthowler’s Aspect would apply twice to Wolf companions but not at all for Ravens.

Fixed an issue where Provocation passive stacks wouldn’t update properly after adding more points to it.

Fixed an issue where the automatic transformation from Insatiable Fury would cause the Ursine Strength key passive to not proc consistently.

Fixed an issue where the Enhanced Pulverize buff would not remove itself while in town.

Fixed an issue where seeking Tornados produced by Stormchaser’s Aspect would not deal damage.

Fixed an issue where Ravens’ passive damage did not improve after the skill was upgraded.

Fixed an issue where Rabies would deal no damage while standing very close to an enemy.

Fixed an issue where Stormclaw’s Aspect allowed Shred to do extreme amounts of damage.


Fixed an issue where Necromancers could not obtain daggers from the Purveyor of Curiosities.

Fixed an issue where the Necromancer’s Minions would have their life bonuses deactivated while in town.

Fixed an issue where Bone Spear cast through Chilling Wind from an Elite enemy would increase the number of generated Echoes for that cast.

Fixed an issue where Enhanced Bone Spear could cause erratic movement.

Fixed an issue where cancelling Blood Mist when it’s already off Cooldown would immediately recast it.


Fixed an issue where Shadow Step wouldn’t trigger the Aspect of Uncanny Treachery if the target was killed.

Fixed an issue where Advanced Penetrating shot would not knock down other players in PvP play.

Fixed an issue where Twisting Blades would not come back when the ability killed a Bloated Corpsefiend enemy.

Fixed an issue where the Dash skill would not move the full distance if targeting an enemy while using a controller.

Fixed an issue where the Eldritch Bounty Paragon node granted bonus resistances incorrectly.

Fixed an issue where Rapid Fire had an extra arrow VFX that behaved erratically.

Fixed an issue where the Awakened Glyphstone wouldn’t spawn for Rogue players using Improved Barrage.


Fixed an issue where the Firebolt Enchantment effect did not contribute to the Combustion key passive.

Fixed an issue where the passive stacks generated by Align the Elements could partially reset in an unexpected way.

Fixed an issue where casting Deep Freeze would prevent the Ice Shard Enchantment effect from triggering.

Fixed an issue where Aspect of Control was applying its damage bonus 3 times for Staggered bosses.

Fixed an issue where the Gravitational Aspect was appearing weaker on two-handed weapons or amulets.

Fixed an issue where the Enchantment effect for Chain Lightning had no visual tracking bonus and could also unexpectedly drop off.

Fixed an issue where Incinerate would immediately cost 30 mana when cast in addition to the consistent channeling mana cost. Incinerate now properly only costs mana as it is being channeled.


Fixed multiple instances where players could unnaturally teleport during boss encounters.

Fixed an issue where a chest in the Western Ways could be interacted with infinitely.

Fixed an issue where the Eriman NPC couldn’t be interacted with in certain situations.

Fixed an issue where otherwise breakable objects in the world would not be broken when evading through them.

Fixed multiple instances where the player could avoid damage from bosses if they positioned themselves in a specific location.

Fixed an issue where Forged Relics could not be interacted with.

Fixed an issue where monsters with a Cold, Bleeding, Burning, or Corruption affix would freeze players in 1 hit in Nightmare Dungeons with the Cold Enchanted affix.

Fixed an issue where Cold Enchanted monsters froze players more often than intended in higher World Tiers.

Fixed an issue where a chest could spawn that would provide infinite loot.

Gameplay Updates


Altar of Lilith Unlocks are now account wide.

Map discovery is now account wide.

Whispers will no longer reward Sigil Dust.

Overall loot quality has been significantly improved for Silent Chests.

The channel time for the Leave Dungeon ability has been increased from 3 to 5 seconds.

We have generally reduced the tendency for many monsters to move around in combat, so that melee characters don’t have to chase down their enemies as much.

Added PS5 Dual Sense Edge Wireless controller support for PC.

World Tier

World Tier II has had the following bonuses added:

Bonus Gold: Increased from 15% to 20%.

Monsters now drop 15% more items.

Level scaling inside dungeons and most overworld territories has been adjusted in World Tiers III and IV. Monsters will begin to trail behind the player in Level after a certain point (up to a maximum of 5 Levels behind). This change does not affect World Bosses, Legion Events, Fields of Hatred, Helltide, or Nightmare Dungeons.


Reward experience for completing Whispers in World Tiers III and IV has been significantly increased.


Helltide monsters are now 3 Levels higher than the player instead of 2.

The Tortured Gift of Mysteries chest has had its cost increased to 250 Aberrant Cinders from 175.

All interactable objects in Helltide zones now have a small chance of dropping Aberrant Cinders.




Aspect of Disobedience maximum stacks reduced from 100 to 60, reducing maximum Bonus Armor % from 25%-50% to 15%-30%.

Aspect of Retribution bonus damage to Stunned reduced from 20-40% to 10-20%.

Exploiter’s Aspect bonus damage to Unstoppable reduced from 20-50% to 20-40%.

Starlight Aspect Resource restore increased from 10-20 to 20-40.


The Butcher’s Cleaver Slow increased from 40-75% to 61-75%.

Drop Rate Adjustments:

Increased bonus to drop Ancestral and Sacred items in Nightmare Dungeons from +5% to +10%.

Removed a 20% chance to drop an extra equipment item from Elite monsters outside of Nightmare Dungeons and Helltide.

Increased chance to drop an extra equipment item from Elite monsters in Nightmare Dungeons and Helltide by +10%.

Nightmare Dungeons now have a 50% chance to drop a 2nd Legendary item upon completion.

Nightmare Dungeons now give 3 rare items upon completion, up from 1.


Increased monster HP scaling from 85% to 100% bonus per extra player in a party.


Adjusted the scaling of the Greed Shrine to improve its effectiveness throughout the game.

World bosses now drop potions more often.

There is no longer a limit to how many materials you can refine into higher materials at once.

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