Dishonored Expert Shows How To Play A Cyberpunk 2077 Stealth Build

Let’s be honest: even though Cyberpunk 2077’s release was plagued by problem after problem (after problem), it still has the potential to be a great game. One player has proven just how much potential Cyberpunk has with an impressive video showing off

The video, which was posted to StealthGamerBR’s YouTube channel, shows several missions within Cyberpunk being handled via stealth. From remote hacking to Revolver headshots, the video shows off an impressive way to stealth through combat in the unforgiving world of Night City

The video begins with the player infiltrating a bar at night. They start off by sneaking behind an unsuspecting person and sufficiently eliminating them with a well-placed headshot using a revolver. Then they head inside the building where they hack and shoot through the remaining enemies.

The video shifts through other locations where the player can get creative with their stealth kills by hacking others to do their dirty work, placing well-timed headshots, or taking advantage of the tech-filled environment of the game. The video is a great showcase of how Cyberpunk’s modding and crafting can be used (when the game works) to play through the game utilizing different skillsets. For instance, while some people, like StealthGamerBR, are great at using stealth to make their way through games, others would fare better by leveling a character for a more direct and offensive approach.

For someone who’s channel is titled StealthGamerBR, it is no surprise that the user is fairly good at stealth. In fact, the videos posted on their page deal with utilizing stealth in a variety of games. Of particular note are the videos for using stealth in Dishonored, which are truly something to see to believe.

Unfortunately, not many players are able to have this same experience with Cyberpunk. With so many bugs and issues, the game has become unplayable for many. This is a shame, as this video shows that Cyberpunk had the potential to be a truly marvelous RPG. Hopefully, the folks over at CD Projekt Red will be able to fix the many issues with the game and we can all learn to stealth our way through Night City. Until then, definitely check out StealthGamerBR’s video and dream of what Cyberpunk 2077 could’ve been.

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