Dislyte: Best Healer Espers

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  • SS Tier: Sally
  • S Tier: Clara And Ye Suhua
  • A Tier: Fabrice And Lauren
  • A- Tier: Cecilia And Luo Yan
  • B Tier: Chang Pu, Heng Yue And Asenath

After a few hours of playing Dislyte, it can feel a little overwhelming. With multiple modes of play and more than 70 heroes (here called ‘espers’) to collect, it can be hard to know which of them to level up. And which mix of characters is going to work best moving forward.

As with most squad-based games, you’re going to want a good healer at the back keeping your DPS and support espers in the fight. With so many to choose from, and an absolute maze of stats to look through, which are the most effective? Read on for a list of recommendations that will help you build a formidable squad.

SS Tier: Sally

Sally is universally considered one of the top few espers in Dislyte, and generally thought of as the best healer. Unfortunately, she’s a five-star legendary hero, meaning the only way you can get her is luck of the draw. And there aren’t many opportunities to gain legendary espers.

If you are lucky enough to get her, Sally is a brilliant addition to any squad. As with most top-rated espers, she serves a dual purpose, supporting whilst also healing. Her ‘Universal’ ability dispels debuffs on all allies before evening out their HP and giving a strong ATK up. Then ‘Ode to Joy’ brings more debuff dispels while healing all allies.

S Tier: Clara And Ye Suhua

Clara is also a legendary five-star esper, so you’ll need some luck to attain her when you get the chance to grab a legendary pick. One of her real strengths is her efficient simplicity, which makes Clara strong in any squad. ‘Hymn of Life’ both recovers 25 percent HP and gives a 20 percent AP boost to all allies. At the same time, her basic attack also heals your two espers with the lowest health. Add in that her ‘Queen’s Protection’ ability is passive, removing debuffs from allies she heals – or giving undamaged allies ‘Immunity’ – and you have a quietly efficient healing machine.

Ye Suhua is a three-star esper that can only be obtained through the Ripple dimension. This means playing a lot of Sonic and Ritual Miracle stages through Trials or keeping a close eye on in-game chat for a ‘Ripple Dimension Ye Suhua’ to join. Her ‘Astral Guardian’ ability heals for 20 percent and gives ‘Invincibility’ for a turn, while ‘Star Dancer’ gives all allied espers ATK and DEF up for two turns, preventing rather than healing damage. Her normal attack has a chance to debuff with ATK down, making her a great second healer in a defensive team.

A Tier: Fabrice And Lauren

Fabrice is the first character you can create via ‘Esper Fusion’ in the War Room. It’s a long process, but worth it. Fabrice’s ‘Autumn Butterflies’ ability gives ‘Immunity’ to all allies for two turns while also granting ‘Invincibility’ to an esper of your choice. ‘Love Sonata’ boosts one esper’s AP, making them act quicker. Plus, his basic attack gives ‘Recovery’ to your squad member with the lowest health.

On the other hand, Lauren is a standard three-star esper you’re likely to get early on through normal echo spins. This makes her a great early game option for any squad. But she’s strong enough to stay in the mix right through the game. Her ‘Healing Water’ heals a squad member but also grants her another turn, while ‘Brush of Vitality’ gives a big AP boost alongside a solid heal. Even her basic attack has a strong chance to reduce the target’s speed.

A- Tier: Cecilia And Luo Yan

Cecilia is another five-star legendary esper, so like with Sally and Clara above, it's just luck of the draw. Her ‘Ruby Coronet’ is strong, removing debuffs from all allies while healing and granting Immunity. And if she dies, her passive ability ‘Crimson Protection’ kicks in, reviving and temporarily shielding all dead allies.

As a four-star esper, you’ll just need a lucky roll in Echo to obtain Luo Yan. He works well alongside another specialised healer, as his powers are more support-based. Luo Yan’s basic attack heals the ally esper who currently has the lowest HP. While ‘Life’ gives Recovery and Death Tome to an esper of your choice. On the flip side, his strongest ability – 'Fate' – hits all enemies and reduces their HP limit, also having a strong chance to inflict the Diseased DoT.

B Tier: Chang Pu, Heng Yue And Asenath

Chang Pu is a great early game option. She’s a standard three-star esper with a solid group heal, a strong individual heal, and an average single-target attack.

Asenath and Heng Yue are both four-star espers. Asenath is a good support esper with below-average healing abilities, hence why she is lower on this particular list. While Heng Yue is a solid healer that also offers a dispel on her basic attack and a debuff dispel on her main heal.

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