Dislyte: Best Three-Star Espers

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There are less basic three-star Esper choices in Dislyte than there are of their largely more desirable four and five-star counterparts. But as they make up the majority of the Espers you’ll receive throughout the game, they’re certainly worthy of closer examination. Just because they’re common doesn’t automatically make them bad, as you’ll see below.

Several of the Espers below are only at their best in particular boss battles. But if you’re spending a lot of time fighting Fafnir for relics or Flowrunner for waves, some of these guys can be a massive help. While other three-star Espers are essential if you want to adopt a certain play style, such as AP manipulation or debuffing.

Best All-Round Three-Star Espers

These three-star Espers are useful in multiple scenarios and squads. All Dislyte players are advised to have a strong version of these Espers in their armoury:

  • Chang Pu (Purple): The archetypal solid healer, with her main Prayer of Renewal healing all Espers while granting Immunity to all allies for two turns. Restoration is a powerful single Esper heal, while her basic attack also reduces the enemy’s AP.
  • Ye Suhua (Neutral): A great support Esper whose Star Dancer ability gives ATK and DEF Up. Astral Guardian heals an Esper while giving them Invincible and Recovery for a turn, while her standard attack has a solid chance of inflicting ATK Down. This mix makes her useful across the board.

Best Three-Star-Espers For The Ritual Miracle

Struggling with a particular challenge in the Ritual Miracle Trials? These Espers can be a big help against particular boss mobs (as indicated below). However, consider carefully whether you want to use precious resources levelling them up when they may only be good for a few uses:

BereniceFafnirGreenMoon Dance gives Recovery and a Shield to all allies, which gets around Fafnir’s ability to block heals. Both her attacks also hit multiple times, making her ideal to take down its dangerous passive ability too.
ChalmersKronos and ApepNeutralMassive single target damage thanks to dealing bonus damage equal to a percentage of the enemy’s health on all of his attacks: ten percent with Gold Pulse and potentially three percent with both Vita Lightbeam and Gold Ray.
HallFafnirGreenGenerally regarded as a weak Esper, but oddly shines versus one of Dislyte’s toughest enemies, Fafnir. Not only does he take advantage of a good colour match, but his passive Mistletoe Hunter ability sees him do a support attack when any other Esper attacks, which is great for dealing with Fafnir’s own passive.
HelenaKronosPurpleIf you’re low on healing options, Helena can do a job versus Kronos. Her heals aren’t the best, but she does have a chance to reduce AP with Downfall.
LeonKronosPurpleLeon’s pretty average single target DPS abilities only really shine here, where the colour match is in his favour.
MelanieKronosNeutralA great Esper if you want to reduce enemy AP (Queen of the Night) or inflict SPD Down (Fatal Gaze), both of which can slow Kronos down considerably. Also, a solid tactic in Point War PvP battles.
Tang YunFafnirGreenFantastic versus Fafnir thanks to having colour supremacy alongside the potential for huge damage. Both Avatara and Talisman of Inward Devilry hit a single enemy multiple times with solid chances to follow up with a standard Iron Polearm attack – which also has a 30 percent chance to repeat itself.

Best Three-Star Espers For Flowrunner (Sonic Miracle)

Consider maxing out these Espers if you’re having trouble with Flowrunner in your Sonic Miracle Trials:

  • Layla (Neutral): A rarely seen Esper, but useful versus Flowrunner as her Berserker Ray has a good chance to inflict Disease – reducing the ability of Flowrunner to heal itself.
  • Tang Yun (Green): Great for the same reasons he is strong versus Fafnir (above).

Solid Three-Star Espers

These Espers are good if you’re building a squad around a particular strategy, as each specialises in a particular style of play. But if that style isn’t to your tastes, you can probably pass them by:

  • Freddy (Orange): Thrill of the Hunt does big single target damage while dispelling a buff, and his Wolf Strike also hits a target hard while granting him ATK Up. Both his top and basic attacks also improve the more damage he has sustained.
  • Jeanne (Purple): Beat Burst dispels buffs and stuns an opponent, Cool Rhythms hits three random targets with a chance to stun each, while Punk hits an enemy three times with a small chance to stun on each hit.
  • Lauren (Neutral): An interesting healer who’s Healing Water heals an ally for ten percent of their max health, while granting her another turn. Brush of Vitality heals and raises the AP of an Esper but hurts her in the process. While her base attack has a chance of SPD Down.
  • Unky Chai (Orange): Ropes of Destiny either grants all allies ATK Up or reduces all ability cool-downs if they already have it. His basic attack gives him 25 percent AP, while his passive Ties That Bind ability gives C.RATE Up to two random allies each turn.

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