Dislyte: The Best Espers For Shimmerer

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When you start out in Dislyte, the sheer number of battle options can be daunting. The best way to be able to tackle the full range of content is to have a well-stocked stable of maxed-out Espers at your command. And to max them out, you’ll have to farm Relics and Waves – the latter in Sonic Rituals.

Sonic Rituals can feel much easier than the Ritual Miracles you need to complete to farm Relics. There are fewer waves and fewer enemies. But early in the game, they’re still very much a challenge – especially on the higher difficulty levels. To find out how to defeat Shimmerer all the way up to difficulty eight, read on.

How The Sonic Ritual Works

Start out by going to the Trials menu and clicking through to the Sonic Rituals home page. You’ll find each of the four Esper colours represented by a different boss, with Shimmerer standing in the way of getting the neutral Shimmer Waves you need.

Unfortunately, two of the four Sonic Ritual bosses are usually unavailable due to a timer. But don’t worry – they’re only gone for 24 hours, so you won’t have to wait too long for them to be available once more. When available, each boss has eight levels of difficulty. You have to start at difficulty one, but after a win on each level, the next opens up.

For Elite Shimmer Waves to be available as a possible reward, you need to have got to at least difficulty level six.

Shimmerer Information

The first wave consists of a Shimmer Distortion and two Wisdom Refractors. The Shimmer Distortion's basic attack ignored DEF, while his specials increase all enemy AP (Offensive Tone) and give them a Shield (Shocking Roar). The Refractors only really reduce Epser AP or boost their own by a small amount, while doing some damage, so you may want to concentrate on the Distortion first. But they're all quite weak, so concentrate on being ready for the next wave.

There’s only one enemy in wave two – Shimmerer itself. It will attack you with the following skills:

  • Striking Pulse: Damages one of your Espers.
  • Awesome Shock: Damages all Espers and gives Shimmerer a Shield.
  • Noise Shell (Passive): The Shield from Awesome Shock gives a boost to damage dealt, as well as mitigating against damage received.

To make taking down Shimmerer as smooth as possible, you’ll want to stop that Shield going up – or get rid of it as soon as it appears. And pave the way for your DPS Espers to get the job done. Either that or slow it down so much that the Shield never becomes an issue.

Which Espers Are Best For Shimmerer?

Strong squads with a decent amount of SPD and AP manipulation should be able to deal with Shimmerer without worrying about that pesky Shield. If you’re not up to that kind of speed yet, you’ll want to take along some debuffers to team up with your hardest-hitting DPS Espers.

DPS Espers

As a Shimmer-attuned boss, Shimmerer is essentially neutral in the damage department. So, while you can’t stack up a colour advantage against it, you do have your full arsenal of DPS Espers available to choose from on an even keel.

Esper NameOverview
ChloeA top choice, as her usually random-target damage can’t help but hit the boss – while the buff removal element of Fashion Sense and buff blocker of Stage of Fantasy help deal with the Shield. Even her basic attack, Trending, has OK odds of stealing a buff.
Li LingBetter than average damage, including a percentage of the enemy’s health (great for bosses), is backed up by a small AP debuff – even on his basic Lanceburner attack.
ChalmersGreat damage output, again including a percentage of the boss’s max health. In addition, his Gold Pulse attack has the bonus of landing a Buff Blocker on a successful hit.
SanderIf well set up with SPD enhancement, Sander can deal big damage quickly while also slowing the enemy down – meaning more time between those Shields going up.

Support Espers

Speed yourself up, slow Shimmerer down, or get ready to debuff that Shield – you choose:

Esper NameOverview
DhaliaShe always gives solid support, increasing AP, C.RATE, and ATK with Sonic Camo and SPD down on the enemy with Umbra Attack.
LucasIf you’ve picked up Lucas from level 100 of the Spatial Tower, you’re unlikely to be struggling with Shimmerer. But he’s a great fit for this battle, with his various abilities combining AP down, Stun, and Dispels.
MelaniePerfect for controlling the pace of the battle, with all of her three attacks having strong chances to either inflict SPD or AP down on the enemy. When maxed out, her Queen of the Night attack has a 100 percent chance to reduce AP by 25 percent.
ClaraHer Hymn of Life special gives all Espers an AP boost while also healing them, making her a great healer option for this battle if you need to take one along.

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