Disney Lorcana Reveals Olaf Card

Disney Lorcana has just revealed information about its first new card shown since the game's initial reveal: Olaf, Friendly Snowman. While we're still a long way out before we see all of its first release, The First Chapter, it's good to see new cards are coming.

We don't have a full gameplay reveal for Lorcana yet – we'll have to wait until Spring next year for that – but we do know that Olaf is introducing a new card subtype: Ally. This suggests sidekicks will play different roles to major heroes and villains, which makes sense. No word yet on who the next Ally will be.

It looks like Olaf's effect has been removed to keep it secret during this little tease, but there's also a chance it just doesn't have one, we'll keep you posted though. Its ink is Amythest, and you should keep in mind that Disney Lorcana will be limiting decks to just two Inks, so choose wisely come the game's full launch in autumn 2023. Inks are Disney Lorcana's spin on MTG's colours, and it has six: Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Steel, Amber.

We don't yet know how these inks will affect the moment-to-moment gameplay, if you need to generate a certain resource like energy or mana to cast the cards. But two Inks per deck means there will be 36 colour combinations to try out.

Just last week, a new card type was also revealed, Actions. These seem to be similar to Magic's instants and sorceries, or Pokemon's Trainer cards. Actions look like they'll be one-use effects that resolve and then disappear, rather than cards that stick around on the board, like Olaf will, unless he melts. Better hope your deck is worth melting for.

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