Disney Mirrorverse: The 10 Best Ranged Guardians

Disney’s Mirrorverse is an action-packed RPG full of new looks for your favorite classic Disney and Pixar characters. Fight off the Fractured and defend the Mirrorverse, unlocking new characters to play as along the way and building up your team of guardians. It might not be one of the most graphically demanding mobile games, but it’s got a fun storyline to enjoy.

It can be easy to forget strategy over choosing your favorites to join your team, but with four different classes at your disposal it’s best to vary your characters to get through the tougher enemies. Ranged guardians are a great addition to your team as they don’t need to be up close and personal with the enemies, losing health less than your melees or tanks, and they have a lot of abilities to help boost your damage.

Eve Has Great Protection

Eve, the white robot in Pixar’s Wall-E, has abilities all based around if anyone gets too close to her. While she shoots her gun for her normal and special attacks, if a stray Fractured breaks away from your melee or tank and attacks her instead, they can take damage from her shields just from hitting her.

As you level her up, she unlocks more potential with her abilities. She can begin to shock enemies with her attacks at level 20, and at level 25, the damage her shields do will also include knockback, an advantage as ranged guardians do better the further away they are from the enemy.

Hades Brings Fire Damage

If you want to get someone who will use status effects to their advantage, definitely get Hades on your team. From the start, all of his attacks have a chance to burn the enemies, meaning they are on fire for a few seconds and continue to take damage from it.

He is especially useful when attacking large groups of enemies, both because of burn, and also because of his signature ability. Once you unlock it, any death his special attack causes makes the target explode and cause area-of-effect damage. This could potentially set off a chain reaction, for if the explosion kills another enemy, they will also explode.

Maleficent Has Buffs And Debuffs Up Her Sleeve

Maleficent is great to pair up with some heavy hitting tank and melee guardians if you want a fast fight. A critical hit with either her simple or heavy attack will give a permanent minus five percent damage debuff to the enemy, and her heavy attacks will give another one that lasts for ten seconds. Her special ability will also inflict burn on an enemy with a defense debuff.

On top of that, Maleficent has special abilities as you level her up that make her stats increase the lower her health gets. This includes increasing the length of her burn effects, as well as giving herself focus and attack buffs.

Tron’s AoE Damage Is Hard To Beat

Tron has jumped from the Grid to the Mirrorverse, swapping computer viruses for Fractured. He fights with his disks, and his heavy attack will even ricochet them to hit multiple enemies in quick succession. His special ability summons a swarm of bits that attacks all enemies on the field, making him great for larger groups of enemies.

Tron also has several potential buff and debuff abilities, including a talent at level 20 that immediately gives each enemy that appears a minus 20 percent defense debuff. He’s great at blending in with other guardians and providing the support you need against the Fractured.

Judy Hopps Has Great Critical Hits

Though you might not expect a whole lot from a bunny, Judy Hopps shouldn’t be underestimated. All of her critical hits will give effects to enemies, and the more critical hits she lands, the more she can do.

Her root grenade will inflict a minus ten percent defense debuff on a critical hit, and, if they have three or more defense debuffs, they will also be rooted for five seconds. This means they can’t move or dash.

Her special ability will cause damage but also root each target in the small AoE for ten seconds, giving you plenty of time to be able to get a couple of hits in without them hitting back. As you level her up you can also increase her debuffs and roots, making it worth the materials you spend on her.

Goofy Packs A Punch

Goofy may not be the brightest of bulbs, but in Mirrorverse he can pack a punch. Or, at least his boomerang can.

His special attack has the potential to do 600 percent damage, and will do that same damage to an additional one or two enemies as it ricochets. The base damage is 300 percent, with an additional 200 percent to a target currently armor-blocked, and an unlockable talent as you level him up gives an additional 100 percent to the base attack.

Outside of this, when Goofy’s basic attack turns into a critical hit, he inflicts a ten second armor-block. Each of his heavy attacks also gives him a 20 percent chance to gain a short 25 percent critical chance buff.

Elsa Can Give Continuous Debuffs

The Northwind follows Elsa onto the battlefield in the Mirrorverse, bringing a minus ten percent defense debuff to every enemy every ten seconds.

If an enemy has been hit with Elsa’s Frostbite special ability and has been given the permanent frostbite debuff, the wind will do an additional ten percent damage when it blows through.

As you level Elsa up, you can grow her Frostbite ability. At its base level it lasts for five seconds and gives any enemy inside its radius 20 percent damage per second along with the frostbite debuff. You can keep increasing the length of it, as well as adding more debuffs, or even rooting them to the spot so they have to weather the full duration of the spell.

Buzz Lightyear Cuts Through Enemy Armor

If you’re up against heavily defended enemies, Buzz should definitely be your go-to guardian. His basic, heavy, and special attacks can all help break down the armor on an enemy and make it easier to fight them. Basic attacks deal minus five percent armor, heavy attacks minus 25 percent, and his special attacks will remove 100 percent.

Additionally, Buzz deals a lot of shock damage, an effect that can give continuous damage. His heavy attacks have a 60 percent chance to inflict shock, and his special ability will always deal it. And that’s without any of his talent upgrades, all of which can increase his attacks or give him favorable buffs.

Zurg Has A High Rate Of Fire

While Zurg doesn’t have as many boosts as the other ranged Guardians, his rate of fire makes up for it.

Instead of a special heavy attack, he will enter rapid fire mode when a heavy attack is charged, and will stay there as long as you hold it. During this time, he uses his basic attack twice as fast as usual and even gains a plus 25 percent defense buff.

As if that wasn’t enough, Zurg’s special ability has a small AoE that does damage to anyone within it and also inflicts shock on them for five seconds. He’s also pretty durable for a ranged guardian. If you need someone who can cut through the enemy ranks, Zurg should be on your team.

Gaston’s Wound Abilities Are Impressive

Wound is another kind of continuous damage effect in the Mirrorverse, and it’s one Gaston is well-versed in. His heavy attacks are guaranteed to wound his opponents, and when his target is wounded, Gaston has extra abilities.

He gains a plus 15 percent critical chance buff if they are wounded, and if he does a critical hit on them, he can remove a defense buff from them.

Gaston’s special attack is affected by wound too, doing a possible 800 percent damage if the target is wounded. He would make a great ally for your team if you’re in need of a heavy hitter from a ranged guardian.

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