Doom Co-Creator John Romero Developing New FPS

Doom co-creator and legendary game maker John Romero has just put out a hiring call for his next project. Romero Games is hiring for a new first-person shooter to be made in Unreal Engine 5.

"It’s a new dawn for Romero Games," reads Romero’s website. "We are 100% focused on first-person shooters, the foundation that built our careers, our studio and a genre. Our current project is an all-new FPS with an original, new IP. Romero Games is working with a major publisher using state-of-the-art technology – Unreal Engine 5."

The hiring announcement notes that those who make the cut will be working alongside experienced individuals, some with decades of experience making and shipping games. Romero Games offers onsite, remote, and hybrid work styles and is hiring for a number of different positions, including lead level designer, character artist, animator, technical artists, and senior programmers in multiplayer and graphics.

As for the game itself, one job ad in particular provides us with a clue as to what we might expect. The level designer will be tasked with building "memorable and stunning maps” that include good "sign-posting, combat and encounter design, flow, game balance, delivery / support of game mechanics, on-boarding, difficulty tuning, and pacing." This likely means there will be distinct levels and not a large open-world map.

Romero Games offers a generous benefits package, including premium health benefits, relocation assistance, four weeks vacation with additional weeks after five years and again after 10 years, parental leave and support, and even a Bike to Work program where the company will pay for a new bicycle. And of course the added benefit of working for John Romero, gaming’s first rock star developer.

Obviously, as Romero Games has only just started hiring, we can likely expect a wait of years for whatever this game turns out to be. But we'll be keeping an eye on Romero's Twitter account for updates.

Speaking of Romero, his biography is due out July next year and pre-orders are available now on Amazon and his own personal website. And of course, he called it "Doom Guy."

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