Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Will Let You Leave Tevinter, According To Leaks

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has gone through an unholy amount of changes through its lengthy, troubled development cycle. Yet one truth has remained throughout: it must take us to Tevinter. The ending to Inquisition made this clear, with Solas running off to the secretive region to carry out the next part of his world-ending schemes. However, a recent leak suggests that we won't be spending all of our time in this new country.

In a short gameplay clip shared by an apparent playtester, we can see that at least one of the quests will take us to Weisshaupt, the home of the Grey Wardens. Weisshaupt is located in the Anderfels, another location we've never visited in the series, and one outside of the Tevinter Imperium. This suggests that Dreadwolf's story will allow us to leave the country, exploring multiple regions as we did in Inquisition.

As we can see in the footage, our new hero, whoever they may be, is battling Darkspawn in Weisshaupt alongside their companions. For whatever reason, the Warden HQ is overrun with the beasts, despite presumably being the most fortified base there is.

While it's a little surprising to see Dreadwolf's story take us out of Tevinter, it's not completely outside the realm of possibilities. Looking at the Thedas map, Tevinter and the Anderfels actually share a land border. Additionally, a previous Dragon Age leak suggested that the player's home base will be full of portals to other locations, letting us get in and out of Tevtiner with ease.

All in all, this could mean that Dreadwolf's maps will be similar to Inquisitions – spanning a wide region, focusing on an open-world design. Of course, this can't be confirmed just yet, as we still haven't been shown any official gameplay footage. It remains to be seen if this recent leak prompts BioWare to give us a legitimate look at the game sometime soon, but so far, it has remained silent on all of these developments.

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