Dragon Age Inquisition: The Most Difficult Side Quests (& Some Tips For Beating Them)

Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a wide world for players to explore, with branching plot lines, a choice of companions, and seemingly endless sidequests to enjoy at your leisure. Some of the sidequests actually impact the main plotline, while others give interesting insights into the world of Thedas.

There are numerous sidequests to undertake during your adventure as Inquisitor, a number of which are rather difficult to complete. We’ve compiled a list of some of the hardest quests to find, as well as some tips on where to find them and how to complete them.

Valeska’s Watch

The “Valeska’s Watch” quest can be started by finding an old key in Emprise du Lion on a corpse, which is just east of the Drakon’s Rise Inquisition Camp. This then starts the quest and guides you to the location of the same name — Valeska’s Watch, which is an ancient Grey Warden ruin.

Technically, this quest is actually simple enough to complete, as the journal entry will be completed as soon as you unlock the door to Valeska’s Watch. However, the trials inside for those who dare to press on and claim the rewards are what makes this considerably more difficult.

The reason why is that Valeska’s Watch is filled with Darkspawn, and charging in without knowing the danger can lead to a party wipe as the first lot of Darkspawn you encounter can easily pick you off with long-range shots before you even get close to them. After that, there’s even more Darkspawn, and sometimes they attack in waves, so underprepared parties will find this particular location quite a challenge. Once all the Darkspawn have been cleared out, you’re free to grab all your loot (as well as a landmark) and head back outside.

Notes on the Waste

“Notes on the Waste” is unlocked by discovering a journal page in The Hissing Wastes. This quest can be difficult to complete as you’re not given much direction on where the locations are for all the other missing pages, and considering the only reward is 1,269 XP and 150 Influence, a lot of players don’t bother.

This quest is started by finding any one of the missing pages and is completed once all eight are found. The pages can be found in the following locations (also shown in the image above):

  • To the northwest of the Lonely Light landmark, there is a tent and a table just below the ocularum, and on the table is the journal.
  • Also to the northwest of the Lonely Light landmark, the next journal is by a tree just south from the previous journal.
  • Inside the Sunstop Mountain Tomb, a journal can be found on a table in the very first room.
  • Southwest of the Canyon Inquisition Camp, in a ruin, you will find a crane and the journal is on the south side of its wheels.
  • To the east of the Sand Crags Inquisition Camp, you can find some stone ruins in a rough circle. On the eastern side of this circular area is a dwarven jug you can loot, and just behind the stone close to this is your next journal page.
  • To the southwest of the Sand Crags Inquisition Camp, in front of the giant dwarven statue, you can find a journal page.
  • Just outside of the crater where the Sandy Howler High Dragon lives, there is a square of pillars to the south and on the sloping ground just inside this area, you will find the next journal.
  • In the Golden Oasis region, the next journal can be found beneath a tree just north of the ruins at the back of the crater.

Ruined Blade

The “Ruined Blade” quest will unlock when players find a journal on the corpse of an elf in Emprise du Lion. The corpse can be found near a cliff on the northeastern side of Valeska’s Watch. After this, you’ll be able to complete the new war table operation “Rumors of the Sulevin Blade”, which will unlock The Cradle of Sulevin as a new location.

Inside, you’ll find there are many altars throughout The Cradle of Sulevin, and lighting the Veilfire just in front of the altar will cause a revenant enemy to spawn. Defeat the revenant and then loot its body to retrieve a sword piece. There are four altars in total with four sword pieces to collect. As well as collecting sword pieces and battling your way through this area, there’s some decent loot to be had. Bring along a rogue with Deft Hands, Fine Tools, as they can open up a door at the back of the Hallowed Passageway, which leads to a spirit rune schematic and other worthwhile rewards.

Once you have all four pieces, head to the Undercroft in Skyhold and speak to Dagna. She uses the four sword pieces to create a new weapon for you — The Sulevin Blade, a level 20 weapon perfect for a warrior. This will complete the quest.

God of Secrets Quest Chain

This quest chain has a couple of prerequisites that players must do in order to unlock it. Firstly, players must complete the “Scattered Glyphs” quest, which is either given by Keeper Hawen at the Dalish Encampment or by revealing any of the glyphs if you happen upon them before speaking to him.

You need to find all of the glyphs in order to progress to the next part. The glyphs can all be found in The Exalted Plains in the following locations:

  • Ancient Baths: Break down the wall or jump over the railing to reach the bottom of the steps, the glyph can then be found on the northern wall before the arches.
  • Inside the Shrine to Sylaise: This area is part of the “Something to Prove” quest and the glyph can be found just inside.
  • Halin’sulahn: On the opposite side of the hill from the Shrine of Sylaise, you can see steps that lead to a collapsed tunnel entrance and you can find the glyph here.
  • Collapsed Building in the Enavuris region: The final glyph can be found in the only collapsed building in the Enavuris region, just north of the Dalish Encampment. Inside the building, you can find the glyph on the western pillar.

After finding all four glyphs, return to Skyhold to begin the war table operation “Investigate the Elven Glyphs”, which will unlock the Lost Temple of Dirthamen dungeon and will begin the “God of Secrets” quest.

The “God of Secrets” quest has you traverse the Lost Temple of Dirthamen. You should bring with you a warrior, a rogue, and a mage, as you will need to break walls, pick locks, and activate runes respectively. This quest tasks you with investigating the area and recovering six body parts of Dirthamen’s High Priest, after which you can assemble them in the ritual chamber. In order to claim the body parts, you must be holding a Veilfire torch. Additionally, while collecting these parts, you’ll encounter many enemies that you must defeat and have to navigate past waterfalls that threaten to put out your Veilfire torch.

After you have gathered all the body parts in the ritual chamber, you can summon the Highest One, who is a level 15 despair demon that you must defeat. Once he has been killed, the Chamber to the Oracle will open and you can claim your rewards. Be sure to select the glowing chest in this last room in order to complete the quest.

The Temple of Pride Quest Chain

The quest called “The Temple of Pride” will unlock automatically once players have spoken to Scout Harding in the Forbidden Oasis, which is the beginning of a quest chain that also involves the following quests: “The Fire Captured”, “The Cold Endured”, “The Spirit Calmed”, and “A Prideful Place”.

These quests involve the Solason Temple that can be found in the same area, and completing all of the quests in the chain and entering the heart of the temple will unlock the “Keymaster” trophy/achievement.

However, in order to do that, players must collect each and every shard that can be found in the game — there are 104 in total. Shards are found in most areas, excluding places like Skyhold and Val Royeaux. They are scattered all over the map but can be found by looking through an Ocularum (a glowing skull). Once you’ve identified their locations via a Ocularum, you can mark them on your map for easier viewing when scouting the land for them.

Once you’ve collected all 104, you can progress past all of the doors in the temple to reach the center. This quest chain involves a lot of battles but also rewards the player with a lot of treasure too.

The Tiniest Cave

The most difficult thing about this quest has proven to be finding it, as fans were completely unaware of its existence until it was pointed out by one of the developers at Bioware. Players are not alerted to the existence of this quest in-game but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This quest can be found in The Emerald Graves, just east of Direstone Camp. There, you’ll find a teeny-tiny cave close to a mural. You can see its exact location and what it looks like in the picture above.

You need to jump on top of the cave approximately 50 times until a voice is triggered. When you hear the voice, you need to run a short distance away, then return and resume jumping until you hear the voice again. Rinse and repeat this situation until the voice says “Need more! More. Have to be ready.“, at which point the quest should officially unlock in your journal. You then need to place a Crystal Grace flower at the cave, which will complete the quest in your journal, but don’t be fooled — the quest continues.

There is a tunnel that hugs the base of Suledin Keep, and it’s here that you want to head (see above picture for the exact location). You need to approach the tunnel from the south side of the keep, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have already captured the keep for this quest.

At the end of this tunnel, you can find a hidden area to explore and a rather awesome reward for your Inquisitor. The entrance to this secret area can be found close to a Veilfire brazier. One of the rock walls there is just an illusion and you can walk right through, it is noticeably off-color from the rest of the wall. There’s also a discarded plank of wood that can be walked upon to guide you to the secret area entrance.

Head through the wall and down many, many, many, stairs (which the cave would have referenced in its ramblings) to reach a chest that holds the Ardent Blossom headgear — a unique helmet that makes it look as though your character is wearing a crown of flowers.

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