Dragon Ball: The Breakers Launching October 14

Dragon Ball: The Breakers finally has a release date. First announced last November, Bandai Namco has confirmed the asymmetrical Dragon Ball game will arrive on consoles and PC October 14.

For those unaware, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one person plays a powerful Dragon Ball villain trying to hunt down up to seven survivors. The three raiders include Cell, Buu, and Lord Frieza, while the Survivors can be either Oolong, Bulma, or a collection of humans with Toriyama-style haircuts (which includes completely bald).

The survivors are all trying to escape a Temporal Seam that has trapped them in the city. Escape means finding the Super Time Machine and activating it without it being destroyed by the raider. If it is, the survivors can still escape on the regular time machine, but it’s more difficult. Survivors come with various sneaky skills and items to help them stay safe, and they can temporarily transform into Dragon Ball heroes if certain conditions are met.

The raider, meanwhile, consumes survivors and civilian NPCs to power up their powerful attacks, which can disable survivors or even remove entire sections of the map to make their job easier. This being a Dragon Ball game, there’s also seven Dragon Balls scattered throughout the map, which can grant powerful boons to either side.

Today's trailer got to showcase some of Frieza's abilities. He seems to start off in a hover chair with two minions, but as he levels up and changes form, those minions get ditched as Frieza starts flinging energy blasts and power bombs.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers will come in standard, special, and limited editions. The special edition adds a customizable costume, a yellow dragon vehicle skin, and a two-thumbs-up victory pose. The Limited Edition adds to that with a Potara green Accessory, a Cell Shell figurine, a Steelbook, and three stickers. Pre-orders at any level will provide players with the Android 18 Transphere and the blue Scouter accessory.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers arrives on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on October 14. A closed network test is scheduled for the August 6 weekend with registration open until August 1.

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