Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Stream Featuring New Titles Coming Later This Month

Square Enix has announced a Dragon Quest stream will take place later this month to celebrate the series’ 35th anniversary.

2021 is the year of significant video game anniversaries. One birthday that may have fallen under the radar due to the sheer volume of milestones is Dragon Quest. Square Enix’s RPG series turns 35 this year, and the studio appears to have plans to celebrate that in a major way. It was announced this morning that a stream featuring news on what’s next for Dragon Quest will take place on May 26, 2021, or May 27 depending on where you are in the world.

The stream will be the first from Dragon Quest to be translated from Japanese to English in real-time. That means English-speaking fans of the franchise won’t have to wait for whatever new information is revealed to be translated. According to Famitsu, the stream will be split into two parts, with each part focusing on different areas of Dragon Quest’s future.

The first part of the stream will revolve around Dragon Quest X Online. The game will get new additions to celebrate the series turning 35, as well as official merchandise. The second part of the stream will be where Dragon Quest fans get really excited. It’s at that point Square will reveal what’s next for the series, including a new line-up, possibly hinting at more than one new game to come.

As for what exactly will be next for Dragon Quest, that’s where you can let your mind run free for the next two weeks. The reveal of Dragon Quest Builders 3 appears to be a popular demand. A new character from the series joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could also be on the cards. It will have been more than three months since the last new fighter was announced by the time the stream goes live.

There’s also a very real chance the stream includes information regarding which Dragon Quest games are coming to Game Pass. The subscription service’s Twitter account appeared to accidentally reveal more Dragon Quest titles will be coming to the platform in the very near future. As for every other game celebrating a birthday this year, Dragon Quest announcing a major stream with two weeks’ notice just goes to show there is still hope. Let’s just hope whatever Dragon Quest titles are announced stay on the market for longer than six months.

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