Dragon Quest Treasures: Railway Quests Guide

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Dragon Quest Treasures' world is strung together by a series of floating railroad line. Unfortunately, none of the stations connected to it are in working order. Thankfully, we know just the person to fix them. It's you. Obviously.

Restoring all the railway stations to their former glory makes exploring the world of Dragon Quest Treasures considerably more efficient. From what resources are needed, to where you can find them; we'll detail everything you need to do in order to get all these stations up and running again.

Railway Quest Housekeeping

Before we get started with the quests proper, we figured we would answer a few questions preemptively…

Where Do I Get Sanguinite?

One piece of Sanguinite will be given to you by the named St4tion-M4ster who mans the first station of every island. However, the majority of your sanguinite will be earned by delving deeper into The Snarl.

When Should I Start Unlocking Railways?

Each island (with the notable exception of the Paternoggin) has one station that is extremely easy to open. So, even if you are at the beginning of the game, you should be looking to get these stations up and running as soon as possible. Since they only require one piece of sanguinite, the piece you are given by the first St4tion-M4ster will be enough to get it up and running.

Not only does unlocking stations make traveling around the world easier, but it also gives your more areas to send your monsters on expeditions to.

The Cinderback Ridge

You are going to start at the Cold Shoulder Central Station. Here, talk to Mr. Banks and receive one sanguinite. You will now travel along the path that is heading north. Eventually, this winding path will take you to Bloodleaf Boulevard Station.

Bloodleaf Boulevard Station


4 Detonuts

1 Piece Of Sanguinite

All you need to get Bloodleaf Boulevard Station up and running again is 4 detonuts and 1 piece of sanguinite. So, give the St4tion-M4ster the sanguinite Mr. Banks just gave you. You probably collected plenty of detonuts on your way to this station, as they are all over this place. However, if you didn't, you can find some detonuts to the north of the station.

Redscale Rise station


6 Lava Lumps

4 Pieces Of Sanguinite

Now, back on the path again. The trail will take you west before hooking around and leading you south. As You will end up at the Redscale Rise station. In order to get this station up and running, you are going to need to collect some lava lumps. They will be found near lava, and look like red ore deposits. Unlike the detonuts, you won't encounter many of these on the path leading here. North of the station you will find a number of lava lumps lining the banks of the river of lava here. Give them to the St4tion-M4ster

Once you have reopened the station, head back to Cold Shoulder Central Station and speak to Mr. Banks. This will conclude your quest, and you will be rewarded.

The Hinterquarters

You will start at Swishmelt Lakeside Station. Talk to Mr. Victor and receive your sanguinite. You will now travel along the path that is heading north to Glacier Junction.

Glacier Junction Station


4 Cool Heads

1 Piece Of Sanguinite

When you get here you will be instructed that you need to fetch four Cool Heads. You can find a bunch of them clustered around a large rock to the west. They look like ribcages. Bring them back to the St4tion-M4ster and give them to him alongside the sanguinite you received from Mr. Victor. Now, once this is up and running, if you got the sanguinite on hand, head north on that path once more.

Bitterbutte Bottom


Queen Slime

4 Lotus Nectars

4 Pieces Of Sanguinite

Once you get to the northmost station—Bitterbutte Bottom Station—you will need to acquire four Lotus Nectars. You can find under these plants under trees south of the station. You will also need to recruit a Queen Slime. You can find one nearby to the north.

You will need to now head back to the base in order to hire the Queen Slime. Once you do, head back again, and you will open up the final Hinterquarters railway station. After you do, head back to Swishmelt Lakeside Station, and you will complete the quest.

The Wingswept Moors

You will start at the Swoopswamp station. Talk to Miss Kensington and you will be given your typical piece of sanguinite. Now, if you intend to unlock every railway station, we recommend heading west. You will find a group of Giganteses lounging on a hill in this area. Try to recruit one! You will need one in order to reopen Grey Wing Bridge Station. Once you successfully scout a Gigantes, head back to your headquarters and officially hire them. Now, head back to the Swoop Swamp Station, and follow the path to the southwest. Eventually, you will arrive at the Soaring Steps Station.

Soaring Steps Station


6 Black Glumpets

1 Piece Of Sanguinite

Once you arrive at this station, just circle the railway, and pick the mushrooms sitting under trees. You will very quickly get your six black glumpet mushrooms in a heartbeat. Now, hand over those mushrooms to the St4tion-M4ster, give him that sanguinite you got from Miss Kensington. With that station up and running, follow the path to the north. You will hook around the west side of the map and end up at the Greywing Gateway Station.

Greywing Gateway Station


4 Load Stones

1 Piece Of Sanguinite

Once you arrive at the station, keep on the path and look for some nearby mineral deposits. There are Load Stones just a little to the east of the Greywing Gateway Station. Once you get four of 'em, head straight to the St4tion-M4ster and hand them over. You will have already used your sanguinite, so you are going to need to have at least completed The first level of The Snarl. After getting this railway back online, follow the path to the east and then north. Make sure to maintain the high road (literally, not figuratively). This will take you right to Greywing Bridge Station

Greywing Bridge Station



10 Tingle Tops

5 Pieces Of Sanguinite

The Maneland

There are a number of airstreams you can ride using the Glide Forte in The Maneland. We strongly recommend coming with a monster who had this ability.

You will start off at the Bonedry Heights station. Talk to Mr. Baker and get your sanguinite. From the station, head to the east. Just follow the path, but make sure to forage as you go. If you see flowers, pluck 'em. Eventually, you will arrive at the Sweetshade Glade Station.

Sweetshade Glade Station


4 Sandelions

1 Piece Of Sanguinite

Talk to the St4tion-M4ster and give them the sanguinite you received from Mr. Baker. If you didn't pick up Sandelions on your way here, there are some south of the Station. Once you have reopened the station, keep heading east. Follow the path through the desert area. However, if you don't already have a Golem back at your base you are willing to give up, instead of continuing on to the Hotbreath Halt Station, you should look to recruit a Golem here. There are plenty wandering around.

Once you have a Golem, head back to your base and hire them. Now, travel back to Sweetshade Glade and follow the path until you arrive at Hotbreath Halt Station.

Hotbreath Halt Station



10 Scorched Earths

5 Pieces Of Sanguinite

Hand over the sanguinite to the St4tion-M4ster and the Golem (which you hopefully already recruited before you made your way out here). Now the only thing left to do is to locate the 10 Scorched Earths. Thankfully, you can find them in and around this area. Just a little west of the station. Give the Scorched Earths to the St4tion-M4ster, and then head back and talk to Mr. Baker. You will now have officially unlocked all the railways in the Maneland!

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