Dungeons & Dragons Player Gets AI Bot To DM, Works Surprisingly Well

ChatGPT is the latest machine-learning AI to come from the same folks that brought us the AI art generator that's perfect for creating your next D&D character. OpenAI's latest intelligence seems tailor-made to help enhance D&D as ChatGPT not only understands how to play, but it can actually generate scenarios, characters, and even play along as the dungeon master.

Reddit user Docta-J-Dizzle asked ChatGPT to play out a two-player D&D scenario, first confirming that ChatGPT knew the rules and then asking it to generate a character for Dizzle to play. ChatGPT came back with a fairly decent human wizard named Belfyr, with all the correct abilities and a stat distribution weight towards intelligence as you'd expect. ChatGPT also generated a Half-Orc barbarian named Grondar to be Belfyr's party mate and was able to play him out as an NPC while Dizzle controlled Belfyr.

What's absolutely astounding is that ChatGPT understood how to both roleplay as Grondar and manage the game as the DM. It created entire paragraphs of fictional conversation and evocative backgrounds for this completely made-up world–sometimes without even being asked! For example, here's what ChatGPT came up with when Dizzle asked it for the time of day:

"It's currently early evening, around 6:00 PM. The sun is starting to set, casting a golden glow over the forest. The air is cool and crisp, and you can see your breath in the air as you exhale. The sounds of the forest — birds chirping, animals rustling in the underbrush — fill the air around you. It's a peaceful time of day, but you know that danger lurks in these woods, and you can't let your guard down."

ChatGPT did need to be trained slightly to respond more as the DM and not a tool that's trying to assist a human DM, and it also needed to be reined in when it tried to play everyone in the scenario without even rolling any dice. But it didn't take long for ChatGPT to get into the swing of things.

Fans on the D&D subreddit are largely impressed with what ChatGPT can do, even if its characters and scenarios often lean on tired fantasy tropes. Still, it can do incredible things that no AI has ever done–like come up with totally new cards for the Deck of Many Things that aren't quite so apocalyptic.

If you want ChatGPT to be your next DM, strike up a conversation using this link here.

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