Dying Light 2’s Bloody Ties DLC Has Been Delayed Again

Techland promised a lot of support and DLC for Dying Light 2: Stay Human when it launched in February. The first of that DLC was slated to arrive on October 13. However, the studio has now revealed players will have to wait another month before they can play the Bloody Ties expansion.

“We have taken the decision to postpone the launch of Bloody Ties until November 10th, to allow the team extra time to polish and squash bugs,” Techland tweeted on Wednesday. The delay is the second the DLC has been subjected to, but this one isn't as severe as the first. Bloody Ties was actually supposed to launch in June, by which point the expansion hadn't even been revealed.

That reveal didn't come until August at Gamescom. The first trailer for the Bloody Ties DLC confirmed the leak detailing what was likely included in the expansion was partially correct. Players will travel to The Carnage Hall to do battle with other humans for the entertainment of others.

Players fearful that human battles will displace the zombie-killing Dying Light is built around need not worry. Techland has since confirmed human fights make up around 30 percent of Bloody Ties. It will take around six hours to play through and include new characters and weapons. It will also be the first of lots of new content for Stay Human as its studio has promised at least five years of support.

While the reveal that Bloody Ties won't be here for another month is disappointing, there is a silver lining. To make up for the delay, there will be a Q&A about what's to come this Friday. Moving the DLC does mean it now falls into what has quickly become the busiest video game week of 2022. Sonic Frontiers and Skull & Bones launch on November 8, God Of War Ragnarok on November 9, and now Bloody Ties on November 10.

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