EA Star Wars Social Media Accounts Change Headers To New Jedi Survivor Art

The EA Star Wars social media accounts have all changed their profile picture and header image to show new artwork for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, implying that we might be seeing it in the near future.

With The Game Awards coming up next week, speculation over what games are going to turn up there has begun in earnest. There are already a few confirmed titles like Tekken 8 and Final Fantasy 16 but, with nearly a week to go, we're still left guessing on a few of them. One game that seems almost guaranteed to turn up, however, is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Yesterday, the official social media accounts for EA Star Wars changed their profile picture and header image to show new key art from Jedi: Survivor, which hints that we'll be seeing it soon as it did the same thing when it planned on revealing Jedi: Fallen Order back in 2019. The art itself doesn't really give much away, but it does add more evidence to a showcase sometime soon.

It shows the Mantis parked on the cliff of a desert planet (presumably the one that we saw in the first trailer for Jedi: Survivor) along with the game's logo. Presumably, this unnamed area will be one of the main planets in Jedi: Survivor, as it was given a fair amount of attention in the first trailer and is now front and centre in promotional art.

It's easy to assume that this might be Tattooine considering it's a desert planet, but it's worth pointing out that Star Wars has had other hot, sandy planets, like Jakku It could also be an entirely new desert planet that ties more specifically into Cal's story. It's probably Tattooine though, isn't it?

Although there's not too much to glean from the images themselves, the implication is that we'll be seeing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sometime soon. The most likely bet is that it'll make an appearance at The Game Awards next week, where it's rumoured to be revealing a release date of March 2023.

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