Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – How To Unlock The Weapon Shop

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The Weapon Shop is one of the most important buildings you can create in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. This store will be your best ally when you need to upgrade your gear, becoming more powerful against the deadly creatures that await you.

As usual, you’ll need to complete a mission in order to unlock the Weapon Shop. The owner will give it to you after completing some main quests. Let’s go over how to do that, and which items will be available once you open the shop.

How To Build The Weapon Shop

For this building, you’ll need to have completed all the previous primary quests to Main Quest 6: Trouble in the Quarry. While progressing through this mission, you’ll have to find a man named Bertrand, who’s on Outlander Lane.

He will have his mission available after you spoke to the Quarry’s guards, Karina and Sarthak, about the Sorrow and the people that died due to a Rune Golem.

Once you find this NPC, he’ll tell you that he wants to open a Weapon Shop. (He’ll also speak about his past, but CJ doesn’t really care about it). To do so, Bertrand will ask you to speak with Isha, the acting major, and ask her for permission to open this new place.

This particular quest will be marked as a Shop Quest (Permission to Trade), but it will be part of your current primary quest, too.

To find Isha, you simply need to go to the Residential District Interior, a zone that is located on the left of the Residential District (where your Base is). The major will tell you that she’s avoiding meeting with Bertrand, but give you the permission nonetheless.

Return to Bertrand and he’ll open the shop. Now you can upgrade your weapons.

You can change the name of your weapon after unlocking this shop.

The Weapon Shop Items

Upgrading your weapons with Bertrand makes your gear stronger but also unlocks new moves. Below is a table showing the first two upgrades available.

Upgrade NameEffectResources Needed
Holster Axes S
  • Attack Power + 7
  • Unlocks 4-Hit Combo
  • Unlocks 2-Hit Aerial Combo
  • 3 Gargoyle Wings
  • 500 baqua
Reveling Tanuki S
  • Attack Power +10
  • Unlocks charged attacks
  • 1 Ogre Horn
  • 500 baqua

The Holster Axes are CJ’s weapons, while the Reveling Tanuki is what Garoo uses.

How To Level Up The Weapon Shop

You’ll be able to upgrade the Weapon Shop more than once by speaking with Bertrand and completing new Shop Quests from him when available. New upgrades for your gears will become available when you do this.

For instance, around Main Quest 11: On the Other Side…, Bertrand will have a new task for you (About your Order…). You just need to visit Ranbir, who’s at the entrance of Town Outskirts, and ask him about Bertrand’s order. Ranbir will answer that he couldn’t prepare the 100 weapons, so he failed. Tell this to Bertrand and he’ll upgrade the Weapon Shop, for some reason.

These new upgrades will let you perform upward and downward attacks on both CJ and Garoo.

You can continue leveling up the Weapon Shop.

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