Elden Ring Almost Let You Choose The Next Lord Of Stormveil Castle

Elden Ring gives the player more freedom than any other FromSoftware game ever has. If a particular boss or area feels too tough, you can always go explore elsewhere, buff yourself up with Runes, and return to try again. However, it's pretty linear when it comes to questlines, giving the player little to no choice in how things turn out – unless you just kill the NPC of course. However, FromSoftware specialist Zullie the Witch suggests that a deleted quest not only would have given you an in-game choice to make, but also let you play king-maker.

Godrick the Grafter ruled Limgrave from his seat in Stormveil Castle, that is until the Tarnished came along. Data extracted from the game's code by Zullie has revealed that the deleted questline included Gostoc, Kenneth Haight, and Nepheli Loux, with the quest culminating in the Tarnished crowning one of the three as lord of the castle, and hence all of Limgrave (thanks VG247).

Zullie explained how Nepheli Loux would eventually take the throne, but according to the data found by them, a deleted voiceline suggests that things could have gone differently. Once you defeat Godrick, Gostoc can be found stomping and cursing his corpse. His left arm is missing, perhaps used by Godrick for grafting purposes, but that's not all. "I am the son of Godrick, unquestionably," says Gostoc in his deleted voiceline. "Could you give that crown to me?"

Zullie theorizes that this voiceline indicates that the Tarnished would have received Godrick's crown as a key item after defeating him, and would have had the choice to give it to either Gostoc, Kenneth, or Nepheli, making one of them the ruler of Stormveil. It's unclear if the choice would have made any difference in the game, perhaps each of them would have given you a different reward.

Although, if you knew the truth about Gostoc, you probably wouldn't want to give him the crown. It turns out that after showing you an easier way into the castle, the gatekeeper follows you around and steals some Runes every time you die. At one point he even locks you in a room.

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