Elden Ring Fans Think The Meat Inside Abductor Virgins Is From Former Victims

Abductor Virgins suck. You can say that about a lot of Elden Ring's enemies, but Abductor Virgins are never fair fights, with their big swinging arms or their buzzing saws, and worst of all, their insides burst open with a bunch of grasping claws that snatch you up and chew you out.

Turns out, that's not even the worst part of Abductor Virgins. That would be the fact that the inside of each Virgin is lined with meat. Not something you'd normally see given how seldom these things reveal their interiors, but a screenshot from DeusInfidel's Reddit post confirms that the inside of a Virgin is just steak after steak.

But of what? Elden Ring fans are debating in the post just who or what those steaks used to belong to, and the debate has largely settled on those being the Abductor's dearly departed victims.

Presumably, those grasping claws (which are actually snakes if you look closely) have something to do with flaying the Abductor’s victims into neatly partitioned slabs of meat, but we have an even better theory for what these Abductors are doing courtesy of ImpressionNo540: "The snakes inside abduct people by grabbing and killing them. Which means the red meat probably absorbs the person inside, then spit them out beneath Volcano Manor."

ImpressionNo540 also credits Hawkshaw with discovering the similarity between the meat inside the Abductors and Invigorating-Cured Meat, an item that boosts robustness to prevent blood loss and frostbite. So the meat from the Abductors might be the Invigorating-Cured Meat that we can eat in the Lands Between.

There's also a theory that has the Abductors performing a sort of sacrilegious version of an Erdtree burial. Rather than the bodies of the dead returning to the Erdtree to be reborn, Abductors absorb their victims and simply render them into meat to feed those still alive. It'd be a blasphemous practice that would be perfectly in line with Praetor Ricard's personal war against the Erdtree.

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