Elden Ring Invader Blasts Host Waiting In Ambush Off A Ledge

The meta for Elden Ring's PvP is still constantly shifting due to it's relative infancy, but some things are a constant in FromSoftware games: ambushes. Players getting ready to be invaded will often hide in hard to reach spots either hoping the invaders will give up or be easy pickings due to treacherous terrain. Sometimes, this can backfire horribly.

Reddit user Supamanly discovered the host of the world they invaded, along with a pal, sitting on a narrow ledge beside a wall. There was only one way to get to them which would almost certainly mean death for any invader who tried to get close to them.

As a proof of concept for the idea that we should all work smarter, not harder, Supamanly angled the camera around a corner so they could stay out of sight and assessed their situation.

Rather than risk a two-on-one fight in a dangerous space, they crept round to the other side of the wall and instead used the Wrath of Gold Incantation to blast the Host and their ally down into the abyss.

Player melee weapons can't get through most objects, as there's a knockback animation that plays if you try to attack a wall at certain angles. Area of effect spells such as Wrath of Gold don't seem to be bound by the same rules though, so Supamanly was able to use this spell to utterly devastating effect.

It's hilarious to think of the two sat, lying in wait, probably grinning at the thought of ganking someone looking for a fun fight, only for the pair to get sent plunging to their deaths without even seeing an enemy.

Supamanly said they feel a bit bad about their actions, but many in the comments were quick to point out that they would have done the same thing if they could. The fact they chose that exact spot shows they weren't planning on fighting fair.

While some use PvP to torment players, others, like Let Me Solo Her use the game's multiplayer to help those less fortunate than others – just like the event that inspired Miyazaki to include it in the first place.

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