Elden Ring Legend "Let Me Solo Her" Already Has A Fan-Made 3D Miniature

Elden Ring fans have become completely enraptured by a new hero, a naked man with a jar on his head who likes to completely destroy one of the game's hardest bosses. "Let Me Solo Her" has been the talk of the Tarnished town recently, having very quickly gained "legend" status for effortlessly defeating Malenia, Blade of Miquella for hundreds of people. The player is now adored by fans, and we all know what follows once a community starts to adore something.

Yes, Elden Ring fans have been sharing their fan art of "Let Me Solo Her" on Reddit over the past few days, ranging from incredibly detailed drawings all the way up to full-on 3D models. The most impressive piece has to be this 3D printed miniature by Redditor etherealSTEVE of the player brandishing his now iconic twin katanas, ready to leap into yet another fight against his arch enemy.

The little figure is so popular that the Reddit post has quickly become one of the Elden Ring subreddit's most awarded posts ever. It certainly might be the most impressive, but all throughout the subreddit you'll find examples of players sharing their love for "Let Me Solo Her", including several pieces of inspiring fan art, two of which are also linked below by Redditors Asphodelophiliac and MrHappyTinkles

"Let Me Solo Her" has becomes so popular in fact, that his actions have even started to inspire others to do the same but for different bosses. Shortly after "Let Me Solo Her" found their fame, another player called "Let Me Solo Him" was found outside the entrance to the Mohg, Lord of Blood boss fight arena. While not as popular or iconic as "Let Me Solo Her", it's another example of Elden Ring players using their skill and know-how to help slightly lesser players overcome some of the game's greatest challenges.

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