Elden Ring Players Are Matching Raya Lucaria Academy Scholars To Glintstone Crowns

I am, once again, writing about obscure Elden Ring lore. This is my life now, I've accepted it. The latest find is that the portraits of the scholars in the Raya Lucaria Academy hall can be identified based on the crowns they're wearing. While some like Rennala are easier to spot since you fight her face to face, the others are all just old geezers we've read about in item descriptions. Praise the sleuths of Reddit.

The picture shows a line of portraits with various miserly scholars all looking very stern and dour, but with no obvious clue as to who they are. Fortunately, a very helpful comment from Ashen_Shroom has elucidated things for us.

They're various important scholars. Several of them actually match the Glintstone Crowns you can find. From left to right they are: Azur (matches the Karolos Glintstone Crown), Lusat (matches the Olivinus Glintstone Crown), unnamed founder of the Lazuli Conspectus (matches the Lazuli Glintstone Crown), The Twinsages (matches the Twinsage Glintstone Crown), the woman depicted on the Witch's Glintstone Crown (may or may not be Sellen herself), Rennala, and the last two are just Lusat and Lazuli guy again.

OP replied that they "had no idea the glintstone crowns referenced them." But they also asked about the chicken. Here is where the Elden Ring community showed off its famous duality. At one moment it can be unbelievably helpful, and the next it's just shitposting.

"He's the companion of Sanders, the founder of the Kentucky Conspectus," Ashen_Shroom replied, and another player wrote, "Known for their famous mix of 7 sorceries and incantations." A KFC in The Lands Between would either be sacked immediately or bring peace and prosperity to the realm.

In other Elden Ring news, a new glitch allows invaders to interrupt hosts while they're fighting bosses. Most seem to just sit and watch the fight rather than turning it into a two on one, how nice.

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