Elden Ring Players Reminisce On "OP" Character Classes From The Network Test

Some Elden Ring players enjoy challenge runs where they try to beat the game at Rune Level 1, or with only their fists, or with no healing, or taking no hits. These are the masochists. There are others who simply want to be as over-powered as possible so they can slap even the toughest bosses with one hit. Players over on the subreddit have been reminiscing about the OP classes available in the network test, before FromSoftware balanced things out.

People are lamenting the loss of the old Prophet, Champion, Bloody Wolf, Warrior, and Enchanted Knight starting classes. It may seem weird to pine after old classes when you can customise your build however you like, but it's their starting stats that make them so good. Being able to min-max effectively helps a lot in the PvP scene.

The Enchanted Knight for example would have made for an excellent INT/STR build as it came with just 5 in both the Faith and Arcane stats, but 16 in Intelligence and 15 in Strength.

Then there's the Bloody Wolf who comes readily equipped with arguably the coolest armour in the game. It's so sick people have even made full metal cosplays of it. It's also got a high Strength stat with low Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane, making it perfect for big brawler builds.

One commenter wrote that apparently the classes are meant to mimic more mid-game builds so that the beta testers wouldn't spend ages trying to figure out which stats to level up, they could just focus on what was already clearly ahead of the others.

But worry not, as one Redditor pointed out, "You can DIY all of them. Pick up things like the Carian or Raging Wolf armor sets. Collect the appropriate spells and tune up your stats accordingly." Don't let your dreams be dreams. Build that OP class and go rampaging through The Lands Between, Grace on your side.

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