Elden Ring Players Want To Fight The Hardest Bosses In Their Prime For DLC

Did you know that the vast majority of the bosses you fight in Elden Ring are years past their prime? Starscourge Radahn has been infected with scarlet rot, that thing that kills most tarnished in under a minute, and all the demigods are shadows of their former selves. Some masochistic players want to face off against these foes in their heyday in future DLC installments.

These self-proclaimed masochists took to the Elden Ring subreddit to discuss why they want to face this probably insurmountable challenge. The original post is sure to let everyone know that they would "get deleted" by these literal demigods, but you lot just don't care, responding, "Yeah. You acting like we ain't a bunch of masochists over here."

Aside from maybe Malenia, all of the big bads you face off against in the Lands Between are in quite a sorry state. That's what happens when you leave a magical fantasy land in a state of decay and disrepair for eons. They're still incredibly tough to beat, so why you all want to fight even harder versions of them is beyond me.

But beyond the obvious answers, people also want to fight some of the long lost characters that make up the history of the game. "Screw Malenia and Placidusax, I want a Carian family tag-team fight with each of them in their prime," wrote FCK42. The Carian royals were an important force in the events before the game, they even helped General Radahn.

Some believe that there would be some simply too powerful to take down, Ranni, for example. "Meanwhile Ranni just casually one-shot player?", wrote Groomgrim. She's so powerful that Radahn has to stop the very stars in order to keep her fate at bay, something he's so willing to do, he'd rather die at your hands than release his grip on the celestial bodies and use that extra strength to defeat you. Fighting him without his attention divided like that would be something.

Lifeisasycho reckons we've all got this covered though. "Doubt any boss in their prime would be unbeatable for a player considering we beat the elden beast which is supposed to be the representation of greater will itself. Unless the demigods realize they can level up their weapons, then i'm not so sure.." They have a point, the Tarnished is incredibly powerful, and people have beaten this game without taking any damage. Also while playing two copies at once, one on a dance pad of all things.

And, as with any Soulsborne fan request, there's the downright silly. "I want to fight Miquella. Let me punch the child." But also, I get it, I want to fight that ki too. After Bloodborne I don't trust any of them, little horrors.

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