Elden Ring Streamer Beats Malenia At Level 1 Using A Dance Mat

Remember the Elden Ring player who beat Malenia with one hand? Well, she's back with an arguably even more impressive feat. Beating Malenia using a dance mat rather than a controller, and doing so having not leveled up their character beyond level one.

More than seven months on from its launch, the Elden Ring community is still as active as ever. That's despite a severe lack of news regarding what's next. Many hoped they'd have heard about potential DLC by now, but that hasn't happened. To fill the time between now and whenever FromSoftware decides to reveal such information, streamers like MissMikkaa have been doing things like beating Malenia with a dance mat.

The incredible feat can be seen in all its glory below as MissMikkaa hits the mat's arrows to evade Malenia, and its buttons to attack when she sees an opening. It's worth mentioning again that this feat was achieved while the streamer was at level one. Something that will impress some players, but will infuriate others who had a hard enough time beating the game's toughest boss with a regular controller while leveled up as much as possible.

If it makes those of you in the latter category feel any better, MissMikkaa didn't dust off her dance mat on a whim and beat Malenia at the first time of asking. It took 553 attempts across 15 hours before she finally managed to achieve what may well have felt impossible at certain points, hence the jubilation at the end of the clip above.

The continued progress in Elden Ring despite no DLC in sight goes beyond players beating bosses with dance mats. People continue to discover mysteries that have been hidden in The Lands Between for the game's first seven months. The potential discovery of one of Placidusax's heads, and that the Runbears might actually be part-dragon have been among them.

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