Elden Ring YouTuber Stages A Creature Battle Royale, Turtle Pope Comes Out On Top

Those of you who have wandered The Lands Between for even an hour or two will be fully aware that Elden Ring is full of horrible, nasty creatures waiting to kick your butt all the way to the Mountaintop of the Giants and back. It's up for debate just which creature is the most awful, but one Elden Ring fan has at least deduced which ones are the strongest.

In a new video first shared by Kotaku, YouTuber BjornTheBear has staged several massive battle royales between almost two dozen of Elden Ring's worst creatures, having them duke it out until only one is left standing. The first three rounds turned each creature into it's strongest form and let them have at each other, while the final two rounds gave each creature the same health and scaling. The results were… unexpected to say the least, as Elden Ring's turtle pope Miriel took the first two rounds by doing absolutely nothing.

As can be seen in the video below, plenty of creatures start out attacking Miriel but quickly turn their attentions to other foes, presumably after seeing his absolutely whopping health bar. All Miriel does is lay there and take the odd blow, watching all of his opponents foolishly defeat each other. The first round is technically a draw as a dragon gets a bit confused, although Miriel definitely gets the moral victory. The second round goes pretty much the same way, although the final two opponents kill each other leaving Miriel the last turtle standing.

Unfortunately, that's where Miriel's good luck ends as he's slowly beaten to a pulp by one of Elden Ring's horrible hand monsters when he reaches the finale of the third round. It's even less convincing in the final two rounds, as Miriel's health bar no longer gives him a leg up. Round four understandably goes to the Fallingstar Beast while round 5 is won by a Giant Land Octopus. It's not the most scientific method of figuring out who's strongest, but at least now we know which creatures we should probably avoid from here on out.

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