Elden Rings Fan Debate Whether The Doom Challenge Is Possible

There’s a new challenge making the rounds in Elden Ring. The Doom challenge requires a Tarnished to kill every enemy in the game–every Godrick Soldier, every bandit, every Dragon, and every slime. Not only must they be killed, but they have to stay dead, and some fans are saying that’s simply impossible.

"The Doom Challenge," as proposed by Reddit user velatieren, asks a simple question: "Is it possible in Elden Ring to have every single enemy dead at the same time?" The problem here, as any Soulsborne fan would point out, is that using the campfire (or Site of Grace in Elden Ring parlance) would immediately cause every enemy in the game to respawn, forcing you to start over from scratch.

Not using sites of grace means you’re never able to upgrade your flask, you’re never able to refill your flasks, and you can never change your spells or your Wondrous Physick. Those are a lot of harsh conditions, but we’ve seen several no-hit Elden Ring runs at this point, so these rules don’t seem impossible.

What makes the Doom Challenge so hard is that the game itself will trigger a mass respawn whenever the player fast-travels. That means every time the player heads to the Roundtable Hold–a necessary step to progress the game–every enemy returns from the dead. Same thing when the player heads to Farum Azula, or travels over waterfalls in a coffin, or gets magically transported to fight an Ancestral Spirit in a strange, otherwordly realm.

So let’s say that you get to Farum Azula, kill everything, and then return to The Lands Between to kill everything all over again. Even then, the Doom Challenge might simply be impossible. As noted by user Hereiamhereibe2, every time you travel more than two continents, everything in the previous continents respawns. However, they also hinted at a sort of Schrodinger's Cat situation: if you don't go back, you don't really know if every enemy has respawned or not.

Nobody has thus far come forward to claim victory over the Doom Challenge, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread to see if that changes.

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