Elder Scrolls Online Removes Triggering Reference From DLC Story Quest

The Elder Scrolls Online has added the new Firesong DLC to its public test server, letting players dive in early to give feedback and report bugs. And almost immediately, many flagged dialogue found in the main quest at Suncleft Grotto where NPCs allude to sexually assaulting their enemies.

This dialogue has since been removed following the backlash, as players reached out to say that SA in an unavoidable main quest is "too far". As per the patch notes, the 'A Sea of Troubles' quest has "updated and revised a number of various dialogues, conversations, and spoken lines", which is reported to be the triggering content.

Not only has Zenimax altered the main quest's dialogue so that "it goes smoothly over from the sealord giving orders to the druid saying that they only need her", but it has also altered a reference with Lady Tianie you would have heard when you first met her. She now says, "What is this island coming to? And why doesn't House Mornard do something?" Originally, she had another line following that mentioned a fear of Sea Elves committing SA.

This is all happening on the public test server – Firesong doesn't roll out en masse until November 1 on PC and then later for consoles, and so you won't have seen this in-game unless you've been playing Firesong via the beta. So for those who dive in on launch, you won't hear references to SA thanks to feedback from players.

If you want to try the PTS for yourself, it's available on PC right now. All you have to do is swap to it on the launcher and download the new content. You won't keep any progress you make, however.

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