Elon Musk got Cuphead working on a Tesla

Apparently Elon Musk has gotten Cuphead to play on one of his cars’ in-dash displays. File this one under “didn’t stop to think if they should” for now, but it’s possible.

That’s according to a podcast with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, released today (thanks, The Verge). Musk told McCaffrey that the Unity engine works on the Tesla platform — which is the engine driving the ultrahard run-and-gun game from 2017. Musk reconfirmed that Cuphead is “a cool game, it’s insanely difficult.”

As to why this is possible or a good idea, Musk pointed out last year, when ports of Atari video games were included as Easter eggs in a Tesla software update, that the games can only be played when the car is parked. Tesla cars have been involved in two fatal accidents in which their assisted-driving Autopilot features have been engaged. So the capability may be completely separate from driving, and the car may have other amenities dedicated to a park-and-chill-out experience, but for sure someone’s going to connect these two and make a stink about it.

McCaffrey followed up with a developer at Studio MDHR, who confirmed that Tesla had reached out to them to port the game. Cuphead on Tesla’s OS requires a USB controller (no touchscreen controls) and only the Inkwell Isle One section is playable, due to storage constraints. But the game will be coming to Tesla owners later this summer.

The storage issue, Musk said, may require users to rotate their game selections by deleting old ones to make room for downloads of newer ones. Tesla owners for now have to find for themselves where the Atari games are hidden, but they can play them with the touchscreen and steering wheel controls. Musk told McCaffrey there was “a beach buggy driving game” that’s also been tested, in Unity, on the car as well.

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