Endzone Gets Revamped Tutorial And Tech Tree With Research Equipment Update

Post-apocalyptic survival city-builder Endzone: A World Apart recently received its tenth update, titled and featuring Research Equipment, along with the two new Water Point and the Electric Water Pump buildings, a reorganized tech tree, a new and improved tutorial, upgraded expeditions, and more. This update marks the last Endzone update for 2020.

Endzone is still in Early Access, and has received regular quality updates throughout the year, improving an already engaging and challenging game each time. If you don’t yet have it, it’s currently on a 25% discount sale at GOG for $17.99, and well worth it.

The Research Equipment Update focuses on streamlining the research functions you can use in-game. First and foremost, the tech tree has been totally revamped to make it easier to understand and make use of. Tech is now grouped into levels of research, which will need to be unlocked if you want to research deep into a specific tech. You can unlock the level with the new Research Utensils, and those can be found during Expeditions. Each tech level will require a certain amount of Research Utensils, which means you’ll need to send out Expeditions regularly if you want to unlock a tech’s full potential.

With water being one of the most crucial elements of survival, the new Electric Water Pump building will greatly increase your gathering of this vital supply without burdening your survivors. It of course has to be connected to your power grid, but once it is, it functions automatically and without Workers. Additionally, the new Water Point building helps distribute your community’s water supply by making it easier and faster for your survivors to get their daily ration.

And once again, due to the addition of these new buildings and the reworked tech tree, the tutorial has been updated with introductions and instructions on how to properly set up and use them in-game. New Radiation info has been added to the tutorial, as well.

For an in-depth look at all the new content, check out the Research Equipment Update Developer Stream recently published over on Assemble Entertainment’s YouTube channel. And you can read the detailed Research Equipment Update patch notes over on Endzone’s Steam Page.

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