Ever Wanted To See Fire-Type Squirtle? How About Fairy-Type Squirtle? How About Every Type Of Squirtle?

Everyone has a favorite starter Pokemon. Mine is Tepig because pigs make great pets, Black & White was the most underrated generation of Pokemon, and because a fire pig means they can turn themselves into bacon without the benefit of a smoker.

But your favorite pokemon might not be so deliciously self-preparing. Maybe you’re more of an original Kanto Region fan, thus putting you into the classic Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle camp. If so, you’re probably wishing that there was some variety in these classic designs so they could feel at least slightly new again.

Enter Reddit user lanazamo, a talented artist that decided to redesign Squirtle in each of Pokemon’s 18 typings.

Starting with Water-type, which is the same as regular Squirtle, lanazamo moves to Fire, Grass, and then a slightly disturbing Normal-type Squirtle that has pink skin instead of green or brown. We’re hoping that’s just to set it apart from the Ground and Rock-type Squirtles, but it does give it a certain resemblance to Jigglypuff.

A few notable standouts from the list include the Poison-type Squirtle, which seems to come with the Lick move, and the Ghost-type Squirtle that’s just a Squirtle spirit inhabiting a skull. The Fighting-type Squirtle has a boxing glove for a tail, and the Dark-type Squirtle is basically Umbreon, which is a bit of a cop-out if you ask me.

Commenters are already attempting to name these new Squirtle types, with Fighting Squirtle now called Hurtle, Ground Squirtle called Dirtle, and Normal-type Squirtle simply called Turtle.

If this Squirtle ensemble wasn’t enough to reach your quota of silly Pokemon news, Nintendo recently released an official Gengar plush toy with a tongue for a blanket. And they dressed up some dude in a suit to pose with it in the most interesting and hilarious ways imaginable. It’s totally normal to kneel on all fours with your head inside a plush Gengar. Just as normal as a Tepig lighting itself on fire so it can self-immolate into bacon.

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