Every Weapon In High On Life, Ranked

Weapons in High on Life are alive, sentient Gatlians that the Bounty Hunter uses in their quest to save humanity. The first you'll get is Kenny, a typical pistol, and then you'll get Knifey which is your melee weapon for the game. Over time you'll also unlock a shotgun, semi-automatic pistol, and plasma canon, all of which are useful for combat but also for completing puzzles and opening up new areas.

You'll need to use each of these weapons at least once to get to the objective or complete a boss, but outside of these moments, which weapon you attack with the most is down to you.

6/6 Lezduit

The reasoning behind Lezduit's low placement is that he can only be used in the final battle and doesn't have any story use outside of this moment. He also has no ability like the other Gatlians, so all you can use him for is shooting at the enemy.

Lezduit is a plasma gun with a good amount of range that quickly and efficiently takes down those in your way. After using his ammo charge, you'll have to wait a short time for him to recharge before getting back into the fight and murdering all the baddies in sight.

He's a lot of fun to play with and introduces something new to combat with the force of the plasma gun. It also makes sense why he can't be used outside this mission because he is so powerful.

5/6 Gus

You unlock Gus during the Krubis bounty after defeating Krubis. Gus is a shotgun with three rounds and a hell of a spread requiring you to get uncomfortably close to the opposition to do damage with this gun. He doesn't talk as much as Kenny or Knifey and is calmer with his ambient comments. There isn't a bad bone in his body.

Along with the shotgun power, Gus can suck enemies close to the Bounty Hunter so you can then shoot them when in range, making it safer than always having to manually walk close to whoever you're hitting. Gus' ability allows him to create disc platforms in specific Cliffside walls, which can then be used to reach previously closed-off areas and search the higher parts of the map.

4/6 Kenny

Kenny is the first Gatlian on your journey, and you'll get him during the tutorial mission when aliens invade Earth; it's also here where you'll realize just how often this buddy talks. He's a typical pistol found as a starter weapon in games but don't underestimate his combat abilities in a fight, as his quick, accurate rounds are sometimes all you need to take down an enemy.

His unique ability, otherwise known as a Glob Shot (lovely name), allows you to move panels that have a green substance on them and create new pathways. You can also use this ability during battles to forcefully fling enemies into the air and give yourself a moment to breathe. He'll be by your side to the very end and is the ability you'll probably utilize the most, so don't forget about him.

3/6 Creature

Creature is like a launcher equivalent of a Gatlian, with his attack being shooting out his children that attack your foes. When landing these kids directly onto someone, they do extra damage, so you always want to get your shots as precise as possible with Creature. His ability lets you use these children to disable electrical boxes, usually opening up a locked door for you, but these children have another combat advantage.

The best part of Creature's ability is using a Hypno Baby to mind control an enemy, turning them against their allies and distracting both from you while they're fighting. The Hypno ability is fantastic for crowd control and pitting two powerful foes against each other, so you don't have to deal with them yourself.

2/6 Sweezy

Sweezy is intimidating, hurling insults at you from the moment you meet, which isn't the best thing to hear in the world, but it does mean if she's intimidating to you, she'll be ten times worse for those you're fighting against. She's a semi-automatic pistol that quickly fires crystals to build up damage, or alternatively, you can use Sweezy's charged shot to headshot an enemy or shoot her crystals to make them explode.

Her unique ability lets you slow down fast objects like fans using a time bubble. This time bubble can also be upgraded to allow Sweezy to make portals. There's a wide range of use for her ability and enjoyable ways to test it out on the battlefield, but nothing beats the simplicity of shooting and detonating her crystals.

1/6 Knifey

As the only melee weapon in the game, it's strange how much promise this little guy holds and how he becomes an essential part of the game. Without Knifey, you can't open Lugloxes, meaning you'll earn far less currency and struggle to upgrade your weapons. Thankfully, you obtain Knifey almost straight after Kenny, so you don't have to worry about this fake scenario. Knifey can chain attacks with Gatlian guns in combat by following up with a melee attack and taking down lower-level aliens with these lunges.

During traversal, Knifey can hook into objects and swing around the map, which comes into play during boss fights too, where you'll have to keep off the ground and keep moving to avoid attacks. Knifey's use as a melee weapon also means you can deflect some attacks and avoid getting the brunt of the damage from heavy-hitting foes.

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