Evil Genius FREE game update: Download cult classic for free for a limited time

Video game fans have been treated to another free download during the coronavirus lockdown.

The latest free game download is a true cult classic from UK publisher Rebellion.

For a limited time only, PC users can download and keep the original Evil Genius for free.

Downloading the game is a simple matter of visiting the Rebellion giveaway page and following the instructions.

Once you’ve clicked the link you’ll need to create a Rebellion account, before linking to your Steam account to claim the freebie.

An official end date is yet to be revealed, so Rebellion warns fans to hurry before it’s too late.

“Since Rebellion’s SO dastardly, they’re not disclosing when the giveaway will end – so players better grab their free copies of Evil Genius quick to avoid delicious, delicious heartbreak!” Rebellion explains.

It’s the perfect distraction while we wait for news about Evil Genius 2, which has a 2020 release date.

“With Evil Genius 2: World Domination on the way (more news to come!), now is the perfect time to return to where it all began with Evil Genius,” Rebellion continues.

“Build your secret evil lair, train up minions, recruit special henchmen and take on outrageous missions as you to plot to take over the world in one of the most unique and beloved strategy games of all time.

“Rebellion giving away Evil Genius for FREE may seem like some kind of do-goodery, but don’t be fooled. In fact it’s the nefarious studio’s latest EVIL PLOT!

“Thinking of learning the clarinet during lockdown? Using all the extra time to finally complete that forgotten painting? Guess again!

“With Evil Genius now free, it’s guaranteed to distract you from all the things you know you should do. Yes, thanks to Evil Genius, Rebellion will put a stop to any and all homebound productivity, sending the world into an inexorable nadir of ineffectiveness! Mwahahahaha!”


If Evil Genius passed you by at launch, Rebellion has also put together a video packed full of gameplay tips.

As you can see from the video above, players are encouraged to save often in order to avoid suffering at the hands of your early mistakes.

Players are also advised to keep an eye on the world map for new missions and updates, and to build lots of traps to ensnare spies and earn money.

The video even suggests that players should use cheat codes, which sounds like exactly the sort of advice and evil genius would give.

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