Facebook bans turning Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets into £300 bricks

Some Oculus Quest 2 owners have been locked out of their own headsets, with even customer support reportedly unable to assist.

Despite the Oculus Quest 2 being easily the best value VR headset available, it does come with the caveat that owners must also have a Facebook account to use it.

This has led to many users setting up a new Facebook account but, in a rather disastrous turn, it appears that these same users are being locked out of using their new headset entirely.

For example, one Reddit user explains how they tried to make a new Facebook account after deleting their old one five years ago, only to be hit by an instant suspension.

According to UploadVR, this is also happening to those who try to reactive old accounts, with no option to appeal.

A Facebook spokesperson, in an emailed statement to UploadVR, suggested that anyone experiencing issues should contact Oculus Customer support.

However, there have also been reports that said customer support has been unable to help. Another Reddit user claims that, when they contacted the support line, they said it was simply out of their control and the user had to take it up with Facebook, even sharing the transcript of the conversation to prove it.

In this instance, they did have an existing Facebook account, but the account was randomly suspended. The Oculus owner does mention that they barely used it, so it’s possible that Facebook assumed it was inactive.

Some owners, like the one from the first Reddit post, have said that they have eventually managed to have their accounts reinstated, but others haven’t been so lucky.

‘Finally got a response from Facebook on day 3 waiting for them to unlock my account. They won’t unlock it because they say the ID I sent them doesn’t match my account info…My f***ing driver’s license. Taking this piece of s**t back I guess,’ writes a third.

These are only a handful of complaints shared online and, while the sudden account suspensions are bad enough, the lack of communication between users, Facebook, and Oculus is clearly frustrating people into seeking refunds.

Though Facebook claims only a small number of users are suffering from the issue this is exactly what we predicted might happen in our review of the headset, especially given how Facebook bans are often handed out in error or for no obvious reason.

Many others predicted the same thing and yet Facebook has apparently been caught unawares, damaging the reputation of what is otherwise an excellent bit of hardware.


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