Fall Guys Dev Denies Reports Of Store Bug That Auto-Buys Cosmetics

Fall Guys went free-to-play and finally joined new platforms last month, and it has been nothing but good news for the game ever since. That's until this week as a number of players are reporting their Show Bucks, Fall Guys' in-game currency, are being used to buy items they never wanted, and that Mediatonic is denying them refunds.

Reports of the issue appear to have begun with the post you can check out below on Reddit (via PCGamesN). The clip posted shows the player perusing the Fall Guys store and ends when they purchase a faceplate. However, the player claims they never pressed anything to prompt that happening, and bemoans the fact that even if they had pressed something accidentally, there isn't a prompt to cancel the purchase should that happen.

This isn't an isolated incident either. As well as other players reporting similar instances in the replies, another Reddit post shows someone clicking an item that can be paid for with Kudos, only to be taken to a completely different item that requires Show Bucks. Not realizing what had happened until it was too late, the player wound up spending a currency you usually have to buy rather than one that can be earned through play relatively easily.

There has been no official word on what might be going on in regard to all this from Mediatonic just yet, but players who claim to have fallen foul of the bug have been sharing the studio's replies. “Unfortunately all purchases are final and we aren’t able to assist or offer refunds when purchasing stuff through the in-game store,” a reply from Mediatonic reads. A similar message can be found on the studio's website, whether those purchases be made with Show Bucks or Kudos.

The problem is starting to feel so widespread that it's hard to believe so many people have been making the same mistake, but we shall see. If it is a real issue and Mediatonic doesn't offer refunds, perhaps a few of those 20 million players to have started playing since the game went free-to-play will try out Fall Guys' unofficial iPhone clone, Stumble Guys.

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