Fall Guys Season 3 promises seven new levels and festive surprises

Mediatonic’s already teasing what’s coming to Fall Guys in Season 3 and has even revealed a new, rather cruel-looking level.

Fall Guys Season 3 is kicking off tomorrow and, though it’s been confirmed that it will have a winter/Christmas theme, there’s still plenty fans don’t know about it.

New levels and costumes are expected, but developer Mediatonic has been keeping exact details close to its chest.

Recently, though, it’s confirmed over Twitter that Season 3 will contain seven new levels and over 30 new costumes, promising even more ‘festive surprises.’

The short gameplay video shared on IGN shows all manner of different obstacles, from fans that knock you back to pinball-like flippers and platforms that fling you forward.

This is a course that’s clearly been designed to test long-time players that feel they’ve already mastered the game over the last two seasons.

On Twitter, Mediatonic also revealed a revamped version of the Hexagon level, now called Thin Ice, which features only one layer of tiles instead of three and said tiles are now slippery.

As for the festive surprises, it’s anyone’s guess as to what they could be. Perhaps another big crossover costume like the Godzilla one?

Both Mediatonic and Bethesda have teased a potential Doomguy costume, but that wouldn’t exactly fit the holiday season.

Fall Guys is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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