Fallout 4: The 10 Best Pieces Of Power Armor, Ranked

Armor protection in Fallout 4 is important for withstanding all of the attacks that the creatures of the wasteland throw at you. The best way to protect yourself from the threats of the Commonwealth is by wearing power armor, large sets of metal armor that are powered by fusion cores. Power armor has always been at the core of the Fallout franchise.

There are a few different sets and unique individual pieces of power armor found throughout Fallout 4 and its expansion packs, and you should know about each of their effects so that you can choose the best one that suits your unique build.

10 Vengeance T-60 Right Leg

Vengeance is a right leg piece of power armor that gives you the ability to reflect 10% of melee damage that you take from an enemy. This ability is very powerful in Fallout 4 because it allows you to damage an enemy simply by getting hit by them. Proctor Teagan sells the Vengeance armor piece on the Prydwen.

T-60 power armor is one of the strongest sets in Fallout 4, which is why it is worth using the Vengeance armor piece if you are looking for the best possible damage protection that you can find. This piece is most useful if you use melee combat, since you will be more likely to get hit by other melee weapons during your adventures.

9 Tessa’s Fist, Raider Armor Right Arm

Tessa’s Fist is a piece of raider power armor, one of the less common types of power armor found throughout the Commonwealth. The effect that this armor has is +300 percent durability, which means that you won’t have to repair Tessa’s Fist very often. This is especially helpful if you don’t have many materials towards the beginning of a new playthrough.

You can obtain Tessa’s Fist by defeating Tessa at the Quincy ruins in Fallout 4. The battle with Tessa is tough, so make sure to bring your most powerful weapons for defeating this NPC.

8 Vim! Power Armor

Vim is a unique soda found on the island of Far Harbor; it is similar to Nuka-Cola but is exclusive to the Island. You can find a full set of this power armor at the Vim Pop Factory.

The Vim power armor grants +1 to your strength special stat. Although this isn’t the most powerful set of power armor in Fallout 4, the extra strength stat point is very helpful for players that use unarmed or melee weapons.

7 Piezonucleic T-45/T-51 Torso

The Piezonucleic torso piece is one of the only individual power armor pieces that are unique in Fallout 4. This piece of armor is a quest reward for completing the mission “Cambridge Polymer Labs.”

The unique effect of the Piezonucleic torso is very powerful, but only if you don’t mind walking straight into a cloud of radiation. This effect grants you a faster action point refresh speed while you are standing in radiation. The Piezonucleic torso is either T-45 or T-51, depending on your level at the time that you complete the “Cambridge Polymer Labs” side quest.

6 Honor T-60 Left Leg

Basically every player in Fallout 4 regularly uses action points for VATS and for sprinting, which is why the Honor power armor piece is so useful. This piece of power armor grants you a bonus toward your action point refresh rate, which means that you will recover your AP much faster.

You are awarded this piece of power armor after finishing the quest “Blind Betrayal,” a Brotherhood of Steel exclusive side quest. This quest isn’t particularly hard; however, being a part of the Brotherhood of Steel is, unfortunately, a requirement for completing it and acquiring this unique armor piece.

5 Visionary’s T-60 Helmet

There aren’t many unique power armor helmets in Fallout 4, which is unfortunate considering that it is one of the most important power armor pieces. The Visionary’s helmet is one of the few unique power armor helmets, and it has a higher than average defense rating while also granting you a faster action point refresh rate.

The Visionary’s helmet is another piece of power armor that is exclusive to the Brotherhood of Steel faction, and it is granted to you upon the completion of the “A Loose End” quest.

4 Quantum X-01 Armor Set

There are a few different power armor sets that were introduced with the Nuka-World DLC, and the Quantum X-01 armor set is one of them. X-01 armor is incredibly powerful because of the amount of damage resistance it grants to the wearer.

On top of the high damage resistance, the Quantum armor set has a beautiful light blue color scheme, and it makes your action points refresh much faster than usual while you have every piece equipped. This armor set is obtained in the Galactic Zone in Nuka-World.

3 Tesla Armor Set

The Tesla power armor set consists of a torso, right arm, and left arm pieces. All three of these unique pieces of power armor grant a 5% bonus toward energy weapon damage, and each piece also has a distinct appearance that is different from the other types of power armor in Fallout 4.

This armor set is acquired after defeating the raider Ivey found in Fort Hagen, one of the unique locations in the Automatron DLC. Players that use energy weapons should find and equip the Tesla power armor set as soon as possible.

2 Nuka T-51 Armor Set

Some unique armor pieces in Fallout 4 grant a +1 bonus to your special stats; however, the Nuka T-51 armor set grants you +3 towards your agility stat while every piece of this armor set is equipped. This set of power armor also has one of the best paint jobs in Fallout 4 — themed around Nuka-Cola.

You can find the Nuka power armor set in the Bottling Plant, one of the five main attractions in the Nuka-World DLC.

1 Overboss Power Armor Set

The Overboss set is a unique type of raider power armor, and the torso piece of this set is one of the most powerful items in Fallout 4. The Overboss power armor torso deals energy damage toward enemies that are within your radius, which is useful while fighting multiple enemies at arm’s reach.

The Overboss power armor set is easy to obtain as it is rewarded to the player for defeating Colter at the beginning of the Nuka-World DLC.

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