Fallout 76 update: Maintenance complete as Bethesda talk patch notes and changes

Fallout 76 maintenance has been completed today following a lengthy period of servers being offline.

When it comes to patch notes, it doesn’t appear that Bethesda will be releasing any as today’s work was focused on two main areas of the game.

From what has been shared since servers went back online, the development team released two important hotfixes today.

This included fixing problems with a bug that could cause the game to crash, as well as removing a Survival Mode fast travel issue.

Both hotfixes should be working in-game now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Here’s the latest from Bethesda, who confirmed in a new statement: “Maintenance is now complete, and you should once again be able to log into Fallout 76.

“During downtime, we released a hotfix to address an issue that could cause the game client to crash, as well as an issue that could prevent the brief period invulnerability from being applied to Survival Beta characters after Fast Traveling or Respawning under certain circumstances.

“Thank you for your patience during maintenance today.”

Today’s Fallout 76 update has also changed what items are available in the Atomic Shop.

The Atomic Shop handles cosmetic items and is available to use on all platforms.

“Our latest update for the Atomic Shop features a host of items that we’ve placed on sale for a limited time before they leave the Atomic Shop,” Bethesda explains.

“We’ve also added two new bundles that you can pick up to snag a ton of Vault-Tec themed cosmetic items.

“Finally, remember to claim the new Vault-Tec Photomode Frames, and unlock your Party Invitation Poster for free before April 9.”

Bethesda has also confirmed that there is a new free item that can be claimed from the Atomic Shop this week.

A new set of Photomode Frames have been added to the game and will be available to claim until April 9.

“Make your overseer proud by taking Vault-Tec with you during your travels around Appalachia with this week’s free item: a pair of Vault-Tec approved Photomode Frames.

“Head to the Atomic Shop to claim your Photomode Frames, and a Wasted on Nukashine Party Poster, for free before they leave the Shop on April 9.”

If official patch notes for today’s Fallout 76 update are shared by Bethesda, we will add them to the bottom of this article.

Until then, today’s Atomic Shop changes and the two hotfixes listed by the development team are the only notable changes made on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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