Fallout: The Frontier Standalone Mod Back Online After Questionable Content Removed

Oh boy. There’s a reason that project leads need to see everything that happens in a game before they give the green light.

Last week, a very damaging revelation happened for Fallout: The Frontier, a new Fallout: New Vegas mod that adds 150 hours of content. Screenshots of some highly questionable content began circulating around social media depicting a teenage character described as a “sex slave.” Besides the implied underage sex, there were also revelations that one of the mod creators was involved in the creation of “inappropriate content involving anthropomorphic minors.”

The Frontier was quickly taken down after its launch on January 15th as the mod team removed the questionable content. It’s back up on Nexus Mods, however, the Steam Page is still down pending a larger refresh of the installation file.

An update on The Frontier’s Nexus Mod page from project lead tgspy condemned the depictions of pedophilia in “the strongest possible way.” The person responsible has since been removed from the mod team and had “no influence on the writing of the project.”

A hotfix released on January 31 removed all questionable content as a temporary fix “whilst we wait for the extremely long upload of the main file.” In addition to removing scenes for Mae and America, several voice actors, artists, and musicians asked for their content to be removed in order to avoid any association with The Frontier.

“We will be revoicing these characters in the future,” noted tgspy, while also noting that several other “pieces of questionable content” were “modified and removed.”

Lastly, the Trochili–a species of lizard people that the main character can have sex with–were “locked” pending further investigation.

The Frontier’s Steam page remains hidden for the moment as the mod team heads back to retool the mod. It seems that the Nexus release can be considered an “early access” period while the team heads back to the drawing board.

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