Fans Find Giant Witcher Snowglobe In Glasgow

The Witcher is a hit for Netflix, starring Superman actor Henry Cavill, and so the streaming service isn't pulling any punches with its marketing. Fans have been finding all sorts of interesting things in the real world, chief among them a giant snowglobe with a myriapod in it. Hopefully, the glass is strong enough to contain it, eh?

The myriapod snow globe was found in a high street just outside Primark, teasing the release of season two. It's not an ideal place to find a big, gruesome monster, but at least there's a nice snowglobe with a Witcher creature in it to comfort you. You can find them in action during the third episode if you really want. It isn't any prettier, mind.

Or you can read about them in the books. They have an equivalent called the myriapodan who are described as giant centipede-like monsters. Jaskier mentions them briefly to try and convince Geralt that there's still plenty of work for witchers. Even hardened monster slayers get self-doubt. But he's in luck because, as it turns out, there's some work right up in Scotland.

There was a Witcher monster snow globe up in foggy Glasgow yesterday! I need to start watching season 2 ^^ #thewitcher #scottishtiktok #trans #lgbtqi

The Glaswegian marketing doesn't end there. MagicMoonBeans shared a photo on Reddit of a giant, oblong-shaped billboard with posters on each side. One has a new monster created for the show, but it goes a bit further than that. The monster reaches out of the 2D image with physical claws. But the passerby's don't look too concerned – after all, it's just another day in Glasgow.

If you don't wanna get on a train or plane to Scotland, you can find large, full-scale myriapods in Madrid, too. There are even some in New York, Buenos Aires, and Birmingham.

All of season two can be streamed right now on Netflix and there's even a teaser for Blood Origin, the spin-off about the very first witcher and the conjunction of the spheres, a pivotal moment in the world's history that brings monsters, elves, and men together.

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