FIFA 20 Black Friday FUT EVENT: Ultimate Team lightning deals and Super Sunday

The Black Friday shopping chaos is in full swing. We suspect you'll have spotted no doubt, with all those incredible offers on Andrex toilet roll and whatnot.

Of course, we're joking because there is some genuinely good deals to be had at the moment, be it PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch offers.

There's more deals to be had than a Derek Trotter flash sale in the back of a Reliant Robin.

However, for those who play FIFA 20, there should also be a nice little something in store too. That's because EA Sports typically release their own unique Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) event.

This mini event usually sees EA Sports release special Ultimate Team FUT Packs over the Black Friday weekend.

You'll be able to net yourself a bargain on FUT packs with some 'blink and you'll miss it' Flash sales.

Not to mention deals in the FUT Transfer market, as players inevitably flood the auction house attempting to flog off their unwanted FUT cards.

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When does FIFA 20 Black Friday Event Start?

At the time of writing, EA Sports hasn't announced a precise time for the sale, but its coming today.

Last year the event began at 2pm in the UK on November 23rd, which was a little earlier than usual.

So we imagine the event will begin at the same time with various offers announced at various intervals across the weekend.

For a better idea of what the event could include, read on to see how EA Sports framed the event last year, during FIFA 19.

There's also a Super Sunday event promised, although its not clear what exactly that will involve.

FIFA 20 Black Friday Event – What to expect?

The below information is taken from the main blog post used by EA Sports for the FIFA 19 Black Friday event. We would imagine they'll follow a similar pattern for the new game event.

The one thing that's not mentioned below, though we're not sure why, is the 'Best of Team of the Week re-release' which was also apart of last years Black Friday event.

Essentially, EA Sports re-released 11 TOTW FUT cards, for players who were, essentially the best TOTW players released so far since the launch of the game. At the time it included the likes of Neymar, Suárez, Lewandowski, Lukaku, Hazard and Koulibaly.

It remains to be seen if they'll do this again though in FIFA 20. For now, here's those FIFA 19 Black Friday details from 2019.

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FIFA 19 Black Friday Key Details

"Get ready for Ultimate Team on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where you’ll find lightning-round offers, brand new pack types, revamped flash Squad Building Challenges, themed weekly objectives, and more. Take advantage of these limited-time chances to improve your FUT squad."


Get into the pack party! A variety of some of the best packs packs in FUT will be offered hourly on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with a limited number available:

• Hourly pack offers on Friday from Nov 23 at 2 p.m. UK to Nov 27 at 2 p.m. UK time


Revamped Flash Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are available for a very short time and will be going live throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Rewards will include multiple pack varieties, don't miss out!


Not only will the Weekly Objectives be themed for Black Friday but the more you engage with these Objectives, the better your potential rewards will be!

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