FIFA 22 Could Be Getting An Online Career Mode, According To New Job Listing

FIFA 22 could finally be the first game in the franchise to include a fully online career mode, according to the wording of a new job listing.

First discovered by TechRadar, EA is apparently looking for an online software engineer that will help build a “networked play development team.” EA also lists a number of FIFA’s online services which includes a mysterious nod to an “online career mode.” Career Mode in both past and present FIFA titles is an offline experience, hinting that FIFA 22’s Career Mode may be implementing some kind of online functionality.

Fans of FIFA’s Career Mode have long been displeased with how EA treats the mode, accusing the publisher of dedicating more and more resources to its Ultimate Team mode instead. In a purely business sense, this is quite understandable when you consider it’s quite possibly the company’s biggest moneymaker. However, this job listing implies that Career Mode in FIFA 22 could finally give players the option to play out an entire season with a friend.

EA implementing co-operative/competitive seasons into FIFA 22 isn’t the most unlikely scenario, especially when you consider F1 2021 is doing the same in the first-ever F1 title published by EA after its acquisition of Codemasters. It would certainly shake up Career Mode quite a bit and may even convince players who don’t usually buy each iteration of FIFA to take a chance on FIFA 22 if it did introduce such a long-requested feature.

There’s also the possibility that this new “online career mode” could be a standalone mode rather than something integrated into the existing Career Mode we know and love. Whatever the case may be, it’s interesting to know that EA has something special cooking for FIFA players who may not enjoy Ultimate Team, especially since EA recently promised to do so with next-gen iterations of its sports titles.

Whatever EA is planning to introduce to FIFA 22, it’s likely we’ll find out during EA Play Live which is scheduled for July 22. The publisher announced a while back that it would be skipping E3 in favor of its own digital showcase, but will still have a presence at E3 this year thanks to the upcoming Battlefield 6 reveal event.

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