Final Fantasy 13: How To Find Every Bracelet And Armlet

Similarly to other games in the series, Final Fantasy 13 lets you find accessories that you can use to buff the stats of your party members. The stat that gets upgraded will change depending on the accessory you equip and this guide will be taking a look at Bracelets and Armlets.

Bracelets will let you upgrade your Magic Resistance, whilst Armlets increase your general Damage Resistance. Here's how you can find all of them.

How To Find Every Bracelet In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Rune BraceletMagic Resistance +10 percentB&W Outfitters4,500 gilThe Palamecia, Vallis Media, Yaschas Massif
Witch's BraceletMagic Resistance +15 percentB&W Outfitters12,000 gilRune BraceletUraniniteArchylte Steppe35, 42
Magus's BraceletMagic Resistance +20 percentWitch's BraceletAdamantite

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Rune Bracelet: In the Bridge Access area of Chapter 9, head to the right-hand path and turn back south instead of proceeding north. The treasure sphere at the end of the path contains not one, but two Rune Bracelets!
  • Rune Bracelet: In the Atzilut's Tears area in northern Vallis Media, look for places to jump to your right. This will lead to a treasure sphere containing a Rune Bracelet.
  • Rune Bracelet: The the northern part of the Ascendant Scarp in Yaschas Massif, check the southernmost of the two side paths branching off to the west.
  • Witch's Bracelet: After completing Mark Mission 30, a new area will become available to explore past Aggra's Pasture in the Archylte Steppe. You'll need a Chocobo to get there. Once you're in the Haerii Archaeopolis, look for a side path in the northeast. Head down that path and go left at the fork to find a Witch's Bracelet.

How To Find Every Armlet In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Royal ArmletDamage Resistance +5 percentSanctum Labs200,000 gilPalamecia12, 61
Imperial ArmletDamage Resistance +10 percentRoyal ArmletDark Matter

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Royal Armlet: In Chapter 9, the perspective shifts between two parties. The first time you switch to Sazh and Vanille, go right at the first fork and then right again at the second to get a Royal Armlet.

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