Final Fantasy 13: How To Find Every Glyph And Belt

As you'd expect, Final Fantasy 13 has a ton of accessories for players to find and use to level up your party's stats. Each accessory will cause a different stat to increase, and this guide will be focusing on Glyphs and Belts.

Glyphs will increase your magic stat and are referred to as either "Mark", "Glyph", or "Crest". On the other hand, Belts will increase your physical resistance. Don't worry though, there's no weird naming convention with this one.

Where To Find Every Glpyh In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Magician's MarkMagic +20B&W Outfitters1,000 gilLake Bresha
Shaman's MarkMagic +50B&W Outfitters3,000 gilMagician's MarkCobaltitePalumpolum
Sorcerer's MarkMagic +100B&W Outfitters10,000 gilShaman's MarkUraninite5, 18
Weirding GlyphMagic +150Sorcerer's MarkScarletiteOrphan's Cradle
Magistral CrestMagic +200Weirding GlyphDark Matter

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Magician's Mark: Just before the encounter with the Manasvin Warmech in Chapter 3, a side path to the left contains a treasure sphere.
  • Shaman's Mark: Shortly after entering the Rivera Towers section of Chapter 7, the treasure sphere will appear on your right.
  • Weirding Glyph: In the Tessearacts area of Chapter 13, you'll find an area with roughly hexagon-shaped platforms. The central warp takes you to platforms with several treasures spheres. You'll need to defeat an Immortal, but the prize includes a Weirding Glyph!

Where To Find Every Belt In Final Fantasy 13

NameTraitShopBuy PriceSynthesized FromCatalyst RequiredTreasure SphereHunt Mission
Black BeltPhysical Resistance +10 percentB&W Outfitters4,500 gilVile Peaks, Palumpolum
General's BeltPhysical Resistance +15 percentB&W Outfitters12,000 gilBlack BeltUraninite44
Champion's BeltPhysical Resistance +20 percentGeneral's BeltAdamantite

Treasure Sphere Locations

  • Black Belt: After the party shifts to Lightning and Hope a the beginning of Chapter 4, go left at the first fork. You'll find the treasure sphere before the paths reconverge.
  • Black Belt: Between the two save points in the Felix Heights area of Chapter 7, there are two paths you can take. The slightly longer one to the north holds a treasure sphere containing the Black Belt.

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