Final Fantasy 14: Adventurer Plate Guide

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Ever wanted to express your Warrior of Light's true self to your closest friends or random strangers? With Adventurer Plates, now you can! These new additions to Final Fantasy 14 are customizable profiles you can create to showcase different information and styles to other players.

Whether you use it as a business card or social media bio, Adventurer Plates have a little something for everyone. Let's take a look at how to create and customize one, what you can display on it, and what they are used for.

How To Create An Adventurer Plate

To get started customizing your Adventurer Plate, open the Character Menu by selecting the button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, select the Adventurer Plate option.

Doing this will open up the default Adventurer Plate with a default portrait of your Warrior of Light. To customize the design of your plate, select Edit Plate Design. From here, you can change various display options of your Adventurer Plate.

If you select the Edit Profile option, you can change the information displayed on your Adventurer Plate. You can choose your favorite Class or Job, favorite title, your playstyle (dungeons, raids, crafting, etc.), and your active hours on weekdays and weekends. The level of your favorite listed Job, Grand Company Rank, server, and search comment will also be displayed.

Customize this information to show other players when you are usually online, and what you usually do in the game. This can be helpful for finding new friends, recruiting for raid parties, and more!

If the default costomization options aren't enough for you, you can also purchase new Plate options at a variety of vendors, or earn them through activities like PvP.


Portraits are customizable photos you can take of your character. You can change poses, expressions, lighting, and more to create the perfect picture. To start making portraits, select the option from the Character Menu just below the Adventurer Plate option.

In the Portraits menu, you can change your character's pose and expression, as well as the design of the portrait. Additionally, there are several lighting settings you can change around.

To add a Portrait to your Adventurer Plate, open the sub-menu on the Portrait and select Apply to Adventurer Plate. From this menu, you can also select use as Instant Portrait, and it will appear when you participate in Crystalline Conflict PvP matches. Keep in mind that this Portrait will only be displayed in PvP if you are still wearing the same gearset.

In other words, if you enter a match as Dragoon, your Scholar Portrait will not be displayed.

What Are Adventurer Plates Used For?

As mentioned above, Adventurer Plates are mainly used for showing off to other players. You can show other players what times you are online, and what types of activities you like to do.

Additionally, when entering the new Crystalline Conflict PvP matches, each teams selected Instant Portrait will be displayed. Choose a picture that best represents your Warrior of Light to show other players just what kind of blood-thirsty killer they're dealing with.

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